Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Crazy Ideas: Oiran Style Kitsuke Fun!

Today, Hong and I went to the Charlton Depot to get a parcel of mine that got caught up in taxes. We were actually supposed to meet in Shadwell at 10am, but I kind of overslept (was ill the night before... No, it wasn't the courgette thing :P) so we ended up meeting at nearly 12 ^^;;;

Anyway, we went to the depot, collected my parcel, went to Misato for lunch (we shared some salmon sashimi and I had tonkatsu rice! Yummm), stopped by Claire's for hair accessories and popped by Cinnabon for some delicious cinnamon buns, and finally came home.

When Hong came over on Saturday, she'd brought me this magazine that was posted in the IG forums (click here to see!). This style of dressing always reminded me of Komagata Yumi from the anime Rurouni Kenshin (click here for a nice but slightly indecent picture), who is someone I've always wanted to cosplay, so I was willing to try it out.

So Hong first had a bit of fun trying to style my hair in a nihongami hairstyle (traditional Japanese hairstyle). Of course, we couldn't really figure out what to do from the really sparse instructions in the book, so we just fudged it around till it kinda looked alright from the front.

The hair was really a horror to do, especially since my hair is really fine and smooth and very slippery ^^;; We also didn't use any gels or hairsprays because I'd just washed my hair a few hours before, and really really didn't want to have to wash it again! So...... Now you know why it looks really messy and kinda funky :P

Oh, the reason why it looks so full is because we used stuffing in it to give it volume :P

Once my hair was "done", I took off the hadajuban and kimono bra I was wearing, and instead put on a susoyoke and used my new sarashi to bind my chest and the towel I was using as padding. Dressing in the yukata in oiran style is actually really easy! A little more fiddly than usual, and I really recommend a datejime on top of your himo to keep everything from moving around, but other than that, it's really as easy as usual :)

I chose to wear my tsumori chisato "designer" yukata that I got at the end-of-summer sales last year for cheap (about 90% discount!) and an obi that looked relatively well with it. I didn't have a heko obi, so we fudged the look with a child's heko obi that I got in a pile of remake fabrics. The coordination isn't the best, but I think it's relatively decent :)

So... Finally! Pictures!!!

An upclose..

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

I had broken a pair of geta just before the Tokyo City Promotion, but we thought it'd look cute if we pretended they just broke :P

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

In this one, we added an umbrella, and I'm supposed to be reaching down to grab the thingy

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

Hong really likes this one! She calls it the "come hither" one XD

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

And this one is the "bitch" one! XD

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

I kinda like how this one turned out, although it's a little risque

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

Hong's candid shot turned out looking not-so-candid! :P

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

The end!

Oiran-Style Yukata Fun~!

^_^ How did you like it? I must say, it was really fun doing all of this! Hahaha. I may be tempted to wear yukata in that manner again :P But maybe only in the May MCM Expo.... Maybe :P

Please C&C!


ihsara said...

lol i love the "bitch" picture the most!!!

i can see you spouting out some rude yakuza-style words. if only you had a paper fan to complete the look instead of a book!! or a long pipe like the one granny/auntie uses in memoirs of a geisha.

clearly i've been watching too much Gintama =_=..

ihsara said...

on second thought if you wanted to achieve the effect of cosplaying that Rurouni Kenshin chara, u should pick more elaborate kimono rather than the simpler yukatas.

coz when I see that chest is being bared, complete with bindings, i automatically think of Yakuza ladies rather than oiran lol..

Walter said...

Boy, Priscilla, I sure didn't see that coming !
I was quietly scrolling down your post, thumbed through a few volumes of Kenshin to brush up on who Yumi was , patiently googling my way past the hadajuban,susoyoke and sarashi (hehe, as usual) when I got past the bit that says Finally! Pictures!!!
Ahem! My yaw nearly hit the floor ^_^

'Come hither' ? Very aptly named, Hong!
Is that a Gaara-Naruto poster I spy on your wall ? Oooh!

I like it : definitely : it's well done! And you look very sexy, honestly.

But seriously, Priscilla ,if you're going to wear that outfit to the MCM , you'll not only cause a traffic pile-up when you get out of the cab but also a stampede when you enter the expo !

Priscilla said...

Lissy! Lol thanks :P We really wanted to have one of those pipe-photos, but I didn't have a pipe. The only thing pipe-like we had would've been a chopstick with a grape at the end of it! XP Ooooh, now that you mention the paper fan, I wish I'd thought of that too!

Oh, I would definitely pick more elaborate kimono for Yumi cosplay :P It's just that yesterday, we were following instructions from a book, and it was for yukata, so we used that. And lol yakuza! I'll try Yakuza Haruhi (Ouran) someday :P

Walter, thanks!! XD I'm glad the experiment's had such a good reception! I was feeling very exposed when actually dressing and taking the pictures hahaha! When I did post the pictures here and on the IG forums, I was feeling tired and didn't care either way. This morning, I woke up and realised what I'd done, and nearly screamed in horror! :P

*sighs* I'd just realised today that I may not be able to go to the MCM Expo :( A friend is coming to London on that Saturday specifically to see me, and I don't think she would want to go there! Still, I'll have to ask her! :)

Ooooh good eye! Yes, that's a Gaara-Naruto poster on my wall! I got it at last year's May MCM Expo :D I don't know if you can see it or not, but there is also an Itachi-Sasuke poster next to it :D

Walter said...

Ah yes, Sasuke. I have to admit I didn't study all your pics through a microscope ,it was too late ^_^

Walter said...
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Priscilla said...

Ah, good advice! Thanks ^^;;; I'm usually more careful about that, but I guess I've been growing more lax x_x Not good!!

Captain Sagara said...

OMG that's really creative XDDDDDDDDD wow!! bravo!! I enjoyed this post. :)

Priscilla said...

Hehehe, thanks, Anna!! XD

Unknown said...

Pris! You look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures! You should be doing this photoshoot outdoors in the many London parks... amid all the staring people -_-'' but I'm sure you'll be able to zone them out

Priscilla said...

Hehe, thanks Lin!! :D Yeah it would've been nice to shoot it outdoors! But I felt so exposed and so shy that I didn't even dare go out of my room hahaha XP But I'm glad you like the pics! :D

Unknown said...