Sunday, 3 May 2009

Closet Feature: New Kimono!!!!

I know I'm not supposed to be buying any kimono, but I was checking out eBay for fun, and I stumbled across this kimono that was so very much like my dream kimono set (click HERE to see that post).

Landscape Tsukesage

Isn't it so beautiful?? It's far more sabishii (lonely) in pattern than my dream kimono, and it doesn't really have that look-into-distant-forest-over-plains look, but it has distant mountains to it like the Misty Mountains, and the grays on the kimono is almost like a water feature, like on the Anduin! Also, the colours are much younger and warmer than that drab, old and cold gray of my dream set, although the gray background does give it a certain gloomy aura that suits Lord of the Rings. Still! This makes me think of Arda in autumn, when everything is still happy and Dark Lord-free :)

According to the seller, the outside part of the kimono is in mint condition! No stains!!! I don't know if I trust that or not, but from the pictures I see, it's fairly reasonable. The price was really what made me buy it on the spot ;) It was only $32.40USD on Buy-It-Now, as opposed to the $1,200USD on YJA of my dream kimono set!!! I was absolutely head-over-heels in love with it, and it was cheap, and I was afraid someone might snap it up quickly so I bought it straightaway.

Oh joyness!! I can't wait to receive it!!! (Although I actually haven't paid for it yet....)

All that I need to complete it right now is to get a similar obi with a beach, the ocean and a ship, all in watercolour style....

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Walter said...

Aha! My prepaid early entry tickets for Saturday and Sunday have arrived.
Let's hope the weather is nice.
Sorry for posting this in an older post, but you don't have an email address link on your site where I can send it.