Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Outfit Challenge: Hanabi yukata - "Cute" taste

Hanabi yukata - "Cute" taste, originally uploaded by shira.C.

When I first bought this obi, I didn't think it would match anything I owned, simply because it looked too modern. Then I noticed the amount of pink in this yukata and thought "why not?"

I'm really glad I did, because it turned out looking so cute! However, one blank stretch of pink against the busy yukata looked to be too much of a shock, so I folded up the bottom side of the obi to show off the other side of it, which is white with a really gorgeous pattern of flowers, leaves and butterflies in black. It creates a break in the solid colour that gives a nice effect, I think.

For the bag, I chose a periwinkle blue kinchaku that I got for free in one of my YJA purchases. I thought it looked cute because it had pink stripes to match the obi, and the blue brought out other pale colours in the yukata.

I wore my modern pair of geta because the obi itself looks modern, and traditional geta looked rather odd with it.

Although I like all of the ensembles I created with this yukata, I must admit that I think this one is one of my absolute favourites :D


ihsara said...

lol i was going through the cosplay gallery at Comicfiesta (has their quality improved or what?!? The Nodame Cantabile/Gintama ones made me jump in happinness lol) and I came across this cosplayer as Yumi from Kenshin


then I remembered that piccy you ptu a few posts back. Thought you might wanna see :D

Man has she really got her boobs out! And there was a Soujiro somewhre there too lol.

Priscilla said...

Ooooh thanks Lissy! Dang, that's a really great cosplay *____* I jealous!

Walter said...

Of all the combinations you've posted with this kimono I like this one best.
I can't explain it, it just looks.. right.

Priscilla said...

Thanks! Yeah, I know! Something about it just "clicks" with me :D