Friday, 22 May 2009

Outfit Challenge: Hanabi Yukata: "Kimono" Style "Otona" Taste

Lately, I've been inspired by one of my yukata magazines to create as many ensembles as I can using one yukata, each outfit differing on style, taste, TPO, etc. Today, I took out my hanabi (fireworks) yukata and had a two hour dressing session for this personal challenge!

I managed to come up with nine outfits today, although I will admit that I could probably think of even more outfits if I bothered to look harder. Sooooo.... I'm going to post one ensemble a day till I've shown off all the ensembles I've created! :)

I am planning to wear this yukata for Bon Odori this year (it takes place in July every year in Malaysia) but I can't decide which outfit to wear :P I like all of them! So, once all the ensembles have been posted, you guys help me decide!

For today's ensemble, I'm wearing the yukata kimono-style. The obi is a plain white hakata weave nagoya obi, tied otaiko style, and with maroon ro (summer weave) obiage and obijime. I put on a kantan eri (easy collar that gives the illusion of a juban even if I'm not wearing one) and tabi to complete the kimono look.

I call this "Otona" or "adult/mature" taste, because I think the dark maroon colour and the dark navy colour look so mature together!

I think this is more of a daytime outfit. It's so dark that it would look striking in the daylight, rather than blending in with the night. I think this one is something I would wear to go shopping or to an informal lunch or something :)

What do you think?


Petrina said...

Then what am I wearing this year? You'll have to think up of 2 outfits then... one for you and one for me.

Can you go find out when exactly is Bon Odori this year? In case we plan to go off somewhere for the weekend.

Priscilla said...

Hmmm I'll come up with a few outfits for you, and you can choose which one you like!

I heard that Bon Odori is on July 18th this year :D When we were planning that trip to Japan, I completely forgot about Bon Odori!