Thursday, 7 May 2009

Pile of kimono stuff to sell!

After we'd cleaned up yesterday's kitsuke fun, Hong and I sorted out all the junk I wanted to get rid of (*sob* such a mean way of saying "letting go of my kimono"). Today, she came over again, and we measured, inspected, labelled and priced every item I'm going to have to sell off! She also brought over some of her dance kimono to sell :D I fell in love with nearly all of them! Haha. Too bad they were all lined.... I took the only unlined one :P

I took a picture of the pile as a reference to the amount I have to sell. Later, I'll compare it to the pile that's left after my friends have gone through them hehehehe.

Pile of stuff to sell!
Isn't that such a big pile of things to sell? I hope that the friends I invited over will enjoy looking through them haha.

I was putting notes on my Flickr picture to identify what's in there, and so far, I have:
1) mint condition synthetic kimono
2) mint condition wool kimono
3) mint condition obi
4) various other obi
5) various other kimono
6) obiage
7) obijime
8) haori
9) michiyuki
10) douchuugi
11) juban

Phew, that is quite alot, isn't it! I think I got rid of about a quarter of my kimono closet. I'm still wondering if I should also sell one of my furisode.... Hmmm...

Still, I got a new piece today ^^;;;; Hong had this lobster obi she didn't want, but I found it really really really cute, so I took it! I think I'm going to wear it tomorrow and post it on here and on the IG forums to show its utter uber cuteness/coolness! :D

I'm really glad to have gotten all that done with and out of the way. And to think, it only took a day's work! Of course, I think a part of the reason why it didn't take long was that I still had records of most of the kimono measurements stored on my laptop, so we didn't have to measure quite a few of them :)

Okay, I'm going to go put away those kimono that I'd chosen to keep. I've completely emptied out one of my kimono storage bins from IKEA! Wow! Now there's going to be so much more space for my kimono :)

P/S: I'm feeling really tired now. I finally managed to fall asleep at 3am today, but I was rudely awakened this morning at about 7.30am. This Chinese woman four doors to the left was standing in her garden, screaming and crying shrilly into her phone. It was so loud it echoed in the compound! What's worse, I slept with the window open last night, so the sound wasn't at all muffled. I think she screamed and cried into her phone for over an hour.

I couldn't go back to sleep at all, so I just got up. Normally, I'd feel sorry for her, but after waking me up when I was already tired to begin with, I just felt really irritated.

She started screaming again sometime this afternoon. She wasn't screaming words - just the "aaaaaahhhhhh" kind. It made Hong and I think that something really wrong was happening, so we peeked out my room window to check. Nope, she was just standing in the garden, screaming over and over again. It was really creepy and freaked me out. Alot of people living in the compound were looking out of their windows, or going out onto their gardens/balconies to see what was wrong.

I know it's mean, but she makes me feel embarrassed to be called a "Chinese woman" and therefore in the same category she is.


ms.bulat said...

hello. are you selling your kimonos? they look lovely T_T
im from malaysia. so if you do come back is there anyway to go about it?

email me:)

Priscilla said...

When I go home to Malaysia.... I haven't really thought that far yet ^^;; But when I do, I'll contact you! :)

Captain Sagara said...

Heya! I'm interested in getting obi. Was wondering if you even have some left for sale. XDDDDDDDD

Long time no talk/see! ;__;

Priscilla said...

Hi Anna!! Yeaaah, it's been ages! ;_; I haven't been in contact with any of the cosplay/anime/manga/games crowd for ages!

Hehe, my friends are coming over tomorrow to buy the thingies, but I'll see if I can save some for you XD