Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Courgette Pancake-Omelette-Thing

So today, I was feeling peckish for courgettes. I decided to make a nice, easy and simple dish that I'd found on the web: courgette fritters.

I read some of the comments regarding the recipe, and was a little worried it would turn out soggy, or would fall apart, etc, so I modified it according to what I had and how I felt.

I mixed 30g grated cheese (the recipe called for Parmesan, but I only had Comte, so I used that), 4 tbsp flour, 3 grated medium courgettes and some salt and pepper in a bowl.

After mixing mine, I felt it would fall apart while cooking, so I added an egg in. Silly me, I forgot that adding the egg would make it soggier!! *sigh*

Given how soggy it was, I didn't think I could make a few fritters. I really didn't want to throw away the mixture, so instead, I modified the recipe alot from this point onward.

Inspired by my rosti attempt yesterday, I took out my deep frying pan and heated enough oil to coat the bottom and sides. Then, I poured in the whole mixture into the pan, and smoothed the top to make a bit of a pancake. The heat was at medium.

At this point, I left it to fry like the rosti, but I also covered the pan to cook the top faster. I didn't count how long I left it to cook, but I suppose this part was done when the top is a little wobbly. If you want to follow this recipe, I leave it up to your discretion on how to judge if it's cooked or not.

Anyway, after it was cooked on the bottom, I flipped the pancake-omelette-thing over like when I was cooking a rosti - I turned it out onto a plate, then slid the uncooked side back into the pan. This may get a little messy if the top of your pancake is still a little uncooked, but it shouldn't be anything too drastic ^^;; I covered it again and left it to cook till I felt it was a nice brown at the bottom, and steady enough to slide out of the pan.

I slid the pancake out onto a plate (mussing it up kinda slightly) and voila! Weird courgette thing!

I actually kinda hate how it looks, but I must say that the taste is great! The cheese I used is kinda strong, so it tastes like a cheese souffle. When it is still hot, the texture is a little odd - rather like oatmeal, actully. This kinda goes away once it cools down abit - then it becomes more solid and somewhat like an omelette. I had it with a bit of ketchup, but I think it tastes alright on its own :)

One thing rather odd about this is that to me, it kinda tastes and smells like that oatmeal mask that we use during facials. Hehe.

Yeah, all this sounds kinda disgusting, but hey, as long as I know all the ingredients that go in it, and know that it's edible, I'm fine with eating it XP If I had to classify this as anything.... It's more like a courgette omelette made into a pancake -_-" It tastes and feels like an omelette, it just looks like a pancake haha.

From the comments I read from the site, I think I might try this again following their advice, using the freshest of courgettes and proper cheese, and omit the egg. Hopefully I'll have more success with that than I did with this one!!


ihsara said...

lol whats a courgette? (this coming from a dietitian to be HAHA)

Priscilla said...

Oh! In UK, they're called courgettes. Everywhere else, they're called zucchinis :P

Walter said...

Ah nice recipe, I've googled a few more that have two eggs in them.
They're called courgettes here too.

Since you use a bit of salt , perhaps you could slightly salt the grated courgettes , leave them in a colander for a while and squeeze some of the juice from them like you'd do for eggplant ( Which we call aubergine ^_^ ) if you want it less soggy.

I usually put one plant in the garden in a spot with lots of compost . Just the one well watered plant will give you a courgette every two days during 3 months.
In the beginning you love making soup and ratatouille and grilled ones with savoury filling, until halfway through the summer, you feel like they're coming out your ears!
My mother started preparing the flowers last summer( cover them in a little whipped egg and flour batter and bake them in a little oil) you know like tempura : a really delicious starter, but you need the flowers fresh from the plant.
Thanks for posting the recipe , I must try it myself.

Priscilla said...

Yes, I'd read comments mentioning salting them, but some others didn't recommend doing that, so I didn't ^^;; Maybe I should have!

Ooooh, I'd love to have a courgette plant in the house! It'd be nice to have them alot :) But, like you said, after a month or so, I'd probably get sick of them! Hahaha. I've heard of recipes using the flowers before! Last year, one of the magazines featured a number of recipes using the flowers :) And a few weeks ago, I saw the flowers being sold in a market! Maybe I should try one of those recipes, then XD

I hope you enjoy the recipe! :D