Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Event Aftermath: Tokyo City Promotion, London

On Saturday 31st January 2009, there was a Tokyo City Promotion fair in Westminster, London. Of course, we IG-ers had to go! :D

This is what I wore to the thingy:

It's my new blue yabane kofurisode! I absolutely LOVE my pink lily obi with it! I think it makes it look really bright, and the yellow accessories really make it "pop" :D

Hong and I put this outfit together with the Showa Kimono book in hand. We were hoping to have achieved that "Showa" look! Did we succeed?

Here are pictures of the 5 of us together :) Yeah, Mel came along, and we put her in a kimono too! What she's wearing is a wool kimono and haori set, with a yellow hanhaba that actually came with my UNIQLO red bunny yukata set. The kimono and haori ensemble used to be Hong's, but she didn't want it, so she traded it with me for the ensemble that she is wearing. I really like that kimono and obi set, but I could ee that Hong loved it so much more, so we just traded :)

Our trademark (:P) maneki-neko pose! XD

There was a kanzashi-maker there who was giving mini-demos and displaying his works. He actually allowed us to buy some kanzashi!! XD I didn't buy one, of course, because I don't use hair accessories often enough to justify getting one, although they're really pretty. This is the one that Mel got:

Yeah, Hong is actually the one wearing it, because it matched her outfit perfectly, while her kanzashi matched Mel's really well! :P

More pictures on my Flickr page XD And more pictures to come hehehe~~


Petrina said...

I'm not sure but I think my hair is longer than yours now. It's definitely a heck lot more, that's for sure! Muahahahaa....

Oh and I passed my regulation licensing exam today, finally!!

And can you go buy one of those hair thingies in lavender and ship it back home? I need it for Sunny's wedding on Apr 18. Or do you have one at home? I think we bought a purple one in Japan...

Walter said...

Hi, Priscilla,
those are very lovely kimono's you're all wearing.
I visited the TCP too and had a wonderful time.

You're welcome to visit my blog
http://brandnewbearings.blogspot.com/, where I have published pictures of the kanzashi.

Priscilla said...

Pig> Those hair thingies are one-of-a-kind, sadly :( But one of my friends makes them! Maybe we can get her to recreate it? :D

Walter> Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog ^_^ I visited yours too. You have very nice pictures of the event!