Monday, 4 May 2009

Potato Rosti

Today, I decided to make potato rosti for lunch, as I was craving for potatoes.

The recipe I decided to follow was a variation of one I found on the 'net, but is very basic and easy. The only work you have to do is actually squeezing water out of the grated potato - very messy work, that is. Still, the results of squeezing water out is very much worth it! My rosti turned out really crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside :D

Also, it takes very little work when cooking - once you put it in the pan, the fire does everything for you. You don't have to monitor it closely, and you can go about preparing the rest of the meal :)

1) Peel and grate 500g waxy potatoes. Squeeze water out of them handful by handful.
2) Thinly slice half and onion.
3) Mix potato, onions and seasoning to taste.
4) Heat about 2 tbsp oil, butter or any fat in a deep frying pan.
5) When oil is sizzling hot, put in potato mixture. Flatten mixture and pack it tightly to make a pancake.

Potato Rosti - In Pan

6) Turn heat down to medium or medium low, and leave it to cook for 20mins.
7) Turn it out onto a plate, then heat another 2tbsp of oil in the pan. Slide the rosti back into the pan to cook the other side. Leave it for 20mins.
8) Slide it onto a plate, and it's done!

Mine was a little burnt. That's because I forgot to turn the heat down to medium in the beginning ^^;;; I left it on for 10mins, then wondered at the slight burning smell :P Still, I think it turned out relatively alright! It still tasted good :P (Actually, I rather like the burnt taste in the rosti >.>""")

I had it with mayonnaise, and baked salmon with courgettes, but that is actually a very weird combination. My favourite way of eating this is either plain or with some sort of meat. For sauces, mayonnaise is alright, but I really really like this cheese sauce that came with a rosti I had once.

Just as an extra, here's a picture of the dark chocolate cookies I posted here.

Really Rich Dark Chocolate Cookies

I love my cookie jar :D So simple, so transparent, so useful.


Walter said...

Looks nice ! Aha, they're called waxy ? I didn't know that. I always call them firm-cooking as opposed to floury.
Still *sigh* you haven't worked up the courage to cook them in coffee yet, have you ? Nyah!

Priscilla said...

Thanks! Haha, the end product did end up a little burnt, though :P

Lol coffee! I'm still really really curious about it, but I just keep thinking.... "Potatoes and coffee????" :P (Bacon and coffee isn't so weird) Actually, when I find a good, thick bacon, I'll be sure to try out your recipe! :D