Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kimono Shop~

Hehe, regarding that kimono shop idea that I had, I've set up an experimental blog to see how it'll look like. It's not going to be anything but experimental until I have once again settled at home in Malaysia (and preferably with a nice new ledger book with clean white sheets <3 Gotta love Accounting) but so far, it's looking good! :)

I'll probably keep the blog, and once I'm ready to start selling, I'll take down all those "THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL" notices :)

So far I've only set up the side-bar, which I'll use as a site navigator, set the pretty layout (albeit with some modifications on the text colours) and posted some "terms and conditions" and a sample post for sale items, but I still have a loooong way to go. Also, I set my navigator a little too elaborate for such a small shop, but I want things to be easy to find :P

I need to think up more terms and conditions, a "how to order" method, a payment method, and details on refunds and order cancellations.

Even if I end up not running the shop, this has become a really fun hobby!!! :P

I used to do this sort of thing alot (creating blogs for fun, trying to make more elaborate layouts, etc) but I stopped because I was really in love with my old layout haha. I'm glad I managed to find another layout that I like equally as much, now that I'm tired of the old one :D

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