Saturday, 16 May 2009

Kimono Sale Catalogue

After two days of exams, I decided to take the night off, as well as tomorrow afternoon because my friends are coming over for the kimono sale :)

I spent the whole evening and night cleaning my room - vacuuming, rearranging things, generally going about to randomly straighten up the room. Once again, there is so much space in my room! Or at least, for one person, it's alot of space :P I also decided to rearrange the kimono pile and keep a simple catalogue of things I've decided to sell. It'll also help me keep track of things I've already sold, to whom, and for how much.

I've just finished doing everything (I'd forgotten to price the obiage and obijime! LOL) and the tally is:

8 kimono
10 wool kimono
2 wool kimono ensembles
3 hanhaba obi
16 nagoya obi
11 obijime
15 obiage
8 juban
2 haori
4 douchuugi
3 michiyuki
4 "others"

In addition to all that, Hong also contributed to my pile:

1 michiyuki
5 dance kimono
2 wool kimono
1 nagoya obi

Wow, that's alot of things to get rid of!! I've priced everything rather fairly I think, except for some of the mint stuff which are a little expensive, but still fair. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Oh, just as a random note, but I'm never using any shower gel other than Body Shop again. I tried a number of other shower gels/creams - the Palmolive one gave me rashes, Dove was alright but had a too-strong smell (sensitive nose), and Patty's preferred brand.... Well, I've been using that one for a few weeks now, and I only realised today that it is the cause of my increasingly dry skin :( It's the reason why my skin has lost its healthy glow and is always dry and flaky and uncomfortable!!

Sooooo.... I took out my emergency travel-sized bottle of Body Shop Mango shower gel for today's shower and WOW I can really feel the difference! My skin feels much much softer, just like I remember it, and not at all dry or rough like Patty's soap makes me feel.

After all that cleaning I did, I felt I should give myself a reward, so I also indulged myself in a full-body lotioning. (I rarely do this - I usually only put lotion on my arms and legs) I also decided to use my favourite Body Shop Grapeseed Body Butter instead of my usual Body Shop Shea Butter. (Yes, I really like Body Shop stuff :P I practically swear by them!)

=^__^= Ahhh heaven! Everything feels soft and smooth now. All I need is for someone to give me a facial, do my hair and give me a manicure and I'll feel overly pampered. Once I go home, I'll HAVE to schedule that one of these days. Maybe I'll throw in a back and shoulder massage too :D Mmmmmmm.....


Captain Sagara said...

Oh, goodie!

If you still have obi (& misc.) up for sale, lemme know! Thanks! :3

Petrina said...

Use kiehls you idiot. Or the dermalogica shower gel. Or eucerin if you can find it there. And moisturise with kiehls creme du corp.

ihsara said...

i've been faithfully using johnson's & johnson's soap free shower creams for the past few years... it always leaves my skin feeling soft and not dried out considering i take 40 minute showers with near boiling water =_=..

palmolive is crap. "soap free" or so they say. after 40 mins and scorching hot water my skin is like the bottom of a dried out lake. so much for moisturising =_=.

If your skin is super super dry and sensistive, give eubos a go. I don't know if it will smell fancy, (its kinda clinical i think) but it works!

ihsara said...

also i use Palmer's cocoa butter lotion because

1) I am a cheap-o.

2)They smell like chocolate. Eventho its incredibly artificial haha.

3) It leaves my skin baby soft! Especially the next day!

4) I am a cheapo. Did i mention that already? :P

But since you sound sensitive to perfumes, maybe it wont be so good :(

Priscilla said...

Anna> Good news is I still have alot of things to sell! Once my exam on Monday ends, I'll be taking pictures of them :) When I get my reply from Google about setting up a shop using a blog, I'll post them there. I'll let you know of any updates and such :)

Ling> Haven't been to Kiehl's in ages! Okay, I'll go have a look-see :D

Lissy> Eubos! I'll remember that and look for it the next time I go to Waitrose or Boots :D Oh I used to use Palmer's too! But then I ran out of it, and my mum had left a few tubs of Body Shop body butter in my London flat, so I use those instead :P But yeah, Palmer's is the best cheap moisturiser I've found yet!

Petrina said...

Best cheap moisturiser = Rosken. I recently bought 2 huge bottles. My attempt at "cost-cutting" by not buying my Kiehls. But that's cos I have a couple of bottles of Kiehls lotions and oils around my room.

And Rosken is not sticky at all. Absorbs really fast!

Riccia said...

There are nice items!
If Google says no, please let us know how we can shop for them. Thanks from Spain

Priscilla said...

Ling> Ooooh, really? Kinda how like SebaMed is one of the best cheap soaps I've ever used!

Riccia> Thank you! I will keep you guys updated on that :)