Saturday, 16 May 2009

Two down, two to go!

So I finally update after a week :X

This time, I have a good excuse! My exams started yesterday x_x Yesterday's paper was International Human Resources Management. Meh, it was okay I guess. We had to write two essays. I finished them on time! Yay for good planning and time management! I made a few mistakes when it came to labelling some parts, and my second essay was a little messier in its structure than I would've liked, but the main point is that I managed to finish it :D

Today's paper was Arts and Antiques Market. Three essays. Meh. I think I died-ed. I think I did alright in one question, and another one was an opinion question (but you need evidence and arguments, etc) and I got my point across I think. I really flunked that last question. *shudders*

On Monday, I have my Emerging Markets paper. I hate back-to-back papers. Srsly.

On a lighter note, I received my dream furisode!! Quite a while ago, I stumbled across this furisode and juban set on YJA for 12,000yen. I thought that was pretty reasonable, seeing how its so modern and new-looking and came with a matching juban with nice han-eri. No one contested me for it. I finally got it a few days ago, and OMG it's sooooo pretty! The colour of the furisode is much darker than I expected, but it really looks a heck load better in this colour!

This is what I expected. I kinda thought it'd be this lavender colour:
Lavender Furisode

Instead, I got this beauty!
Royal Purple Furisode

It's a royal purple colour that's a little hard to capture in pictures. Even this photo doesn't really show the colour that well!! And for something that's used but not flawed except for a tiny line on the left collar, this came really cheap!! Especially when you consider the matching juban! I still haven't figured out if it's silk or polyester, but so far, the embroidery feels like polyester, so I think it's polyester.

I really love the pattern - peonies, butterflies and swirling waters! The colour is also gorgeous, and it looks very mature and modern. It kinda looks like furisode that you'd see on Seijinshiki (Coming-of-Age Ceremony) days or on Japanese furisode rental shops! I've always wanted a furisode like this since the first time I got really really into kimono :D

I'm currently bidding on a nice obi that matches this quite well. It's a soft shade of gold, with wavy lines, and some of the waves are the same shade of green and coral the patterns are in. I hope I win it! :D

Yeah, not supposed to buy kimono. I know, I know. But srsly, when a deal this good comes by, you don't let go of it!! :D For example, I didn't really need a green obiage and obijime set when I bought mine for 1950yen, but a few weeks later, the same set was sold by the same seller for twice the price I got it for. My polyester purple and lilies furisode was bought for 5000yen, and a few months later, it was being sold for 9800yen. Good deals are good.

:D I'm a shopaholic.


Captain Sagara said...

I am loving that royal violet kimono ahhhhh lovely *__*

You must show photo of you wearing it or something!!

Priscilla said...

Ehehehe thanks!! :D Yeah, I most definitely will post photos of my wearing it once I put together a nice outfit for this! XD

Walter said...

You seem to dream about furisodes a lot , no ? XD
You furisodaholic, you.
That's a lovely pattern ,really.
Have you decided on a matching obi yet ?

Your picture is better quality, the white balance is off in the other one ( too red ) which is why the purple looks more lavender.

I know what my mother would say if I showed her this picture though : " Oooh , very beautiful such a nice purple and.. Ohmygod, whattahugepileofclothes ! "
Hahaha !

Priscilla said...

Haha, in my defence, I dream about alot of things! :P I'm currently bidding on a very sedate obi, and I'm hoping that with it, I'll be able to make a calm, more mature furisode outfit! Maybe then my sister will be able to wear it out or something :)

LOL I hadn't thought about it, but now I look at my cupboard, and I too think "OMG, I have waaaaay too many clothes!!!" :P