Monday, 16 March 2009

Event Aftermath: Boxing Day Dinner 2008

Rather late (as usual), but I thought I'd post some pics of my Christmas holiday when I went home :D

On Boxing Day 2008, my dad decided to take us all out for a nice Japanese dinner where I can wear one of my kimono! :D I was so happy! It means that he's willing to accept that I will wear kimono out in public from time to time! ^_^ Although, I suppose it also means that he would feel better if I were to wear kimono in a setting he can control, but it's still one step forward from "You're wearing that out? Okaaay... Enjoy yourself!" ^_____^

Since it was Christmas-time, my sister and I decided that a green and red theme was to be a must. I only had one properly red yukata with me, so I once again wore the yukata I wore out to dinner last time (see post here). This time, I wanted to wear it a little dressier, so I added a ro juban, and wore a nagoya obi. For the green element of my outfit, I wore my dark green ro obiage and obijime set. I'm glad to see that set come into some use!

I also got to dress my sister in a yukata! She chose a green yukata, which I'd worn once on a "test drive". For her "red" element, we chose a red obi that's actually a little orangey. I rather like her outfit! It looks alot younger and more festive than mine ^^;; I look like an old obaachan, especially with my new glasses!

Both yukata are actually part of those two lots of 5 yukata that I bought. They were really cheap, and although they do look cheap as well, they're really comfortable and do look nice, don't you think? I'm glad I managed to get so much use out of them! :)

Here is a picture of the whole family at the restaurant :)

Left to right (upper row): Rommel aka Pot (sister's boyfriend), Petrina (big sister), Priscilla (me), Patrick (little brother)

Lower row is my mum and dad :)

Omg, when we first took that photo (the restaurant staff helped), the first thing I noticed is that my brother and I look so much alike it isn't even funny!! I mean.. We had the same dorky glasses, the same dorky smile... O____O This is the first time in like 10 years that we look anything remotely alike!! I think we can also see the family resemblance with my dad hehehehe :D

Next up is a picture of my sis and I standing outside the restaurant. In case you want to know, the restaurant is called "Iketeru" and is in KL Hilton.

Next is a picture of my sister and I outside the restaurant. This is a rocky sort of "tunnel" that separates the restaurant from the swimming pool on the 8th floor. It looks better than in the pictures, really!

This is how our backs look like. I think I tied our obi neater, but it somehow got messed up while we were eating haha.

I call this picture "Aquaphobic" :P Somewhere along the rock tunnels, there's this part that goes through a waterfall. We took this picture there :D I really like this one!

Later on, after dinner, we went to the cafe downstairs to have a drink.

That was an enjoyable Boxing Day dinner!

Before I go, I'll just leave you guys with a couple of pictures of some cupcakes my sister and I made for our church's Christmas Eve dinner! We made over 200 of these little cakes. I'm quite proud of how they turned out!

We baked alot over Christmas. I can't seem to find some of the pictures we took, but if I do, I'll be sure to post them! :D

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