Monday, 23 March 2009

Outfit Snap: Red, Black, White Challenge: Take 3

Yesterday, I decided to wear kimono simply because I haven't worn one in three weeks (three weeks!) and was absolutely dying to.

I had originally wanted to respond to the IG forums' "Yipes! Stripes!" Challenge, but I couldn't come up with a nice ensemble with the kimono I'd wanted to wear. Instead, I took out another old synthetic kimono, and wore that instead! It's vaguely stripe-ish, but not enough to enter the challenge.

The colour scheme was a no-brainer. I didn't even have to think about it! Red, black and white seems just so ordinary to put together now. The best thing about this ensemble is that, except for the fact that the kimono is awase, it's really season-neutral! Even the juban is season-neutral :D

Speaking of the juban, the one I wore is one of my new juban from a lot of 16 I'd bought ages ago. This one is an all-over print of false white kanako shibori on red. Isn't it cute??? :D :D :D

I'm thinking that the next time I wear this kimono, I'll wear a blue obi or something, to pick up on the very faint and pale colours of the kimono's pattern. What do you think?

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