Saturday, 7 March 2009

Lord of the Rings

*sighs* I am afraid I have to confess that not only am I a Harry Potter freak (if you didn't know that already), I am also a Lord of the Rings, or rather, a Tolkien freak.

I'm not too keen on the books, because Tolkien's writing style seems a little too long and dreary for my tastes (but that was a few years ago, so I may have to revisit that thought!), but the world! The Tolkien world! My God, I had not known fantasy till now. If I thought Harry Potter was a world I can immerse myself into, the Tolkien world is so much better: I can absolutely lose myself into it!

I suppose the very pretty movies and their excellent soundtracks (*cough* and not to mention fanfiction) did help me alot in converting. :P Here's a little video of the Lord of the Rings trilogy movie bloopers which I've been watching. It's hilarious!

Hehehehehe XD

Arwen: *puts down sword* O_O ahhhhhhhh..!

Boromir: *opens mouth* ...... *chopper flies by*

*rofl* When I go out tomorrow, I'm SOOOOOOO buying the DVDs. I don't know where my copies have gone, but no matter! Always good to have more XD

*sighs* I'm such a fantasy dork... And I'm lovin' it! XD


Walter said...

Thank you very much for the video, Priscilla. It kept me laughing (rofl) because it really is hilarious.
I mean, when he stabbed himself in the , oh, god !!
I have the DVD's . Recommended !
In fact, I didn't get around to see the movies in the theater, so I had to buy the DVDs. And then I waited for half a year till I could buy a large wide screen TV , so I could watch them properly.
Haha, that was hard !
I have read the collected book like 30 years ago, as a kid and it's long (1071 pages !), but even worse than in the movie, the part after the great war is won, drags on forever ! That should have been wound up much shorter.

Priscilla said...

You're welcome! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! Hehe, I finally got the Extended Edition DVD Trilogy set last week, and I love it sooooo much! I did watch the first two movies in the theater, but at the time, I was very new to the story and didn't understand a thing at all!! ^^;; Such a waste... I'm glad I decided to start reading more about the world itself. I've always been a very big fan of fantasy worlds, and the Tolkien world is really the best! <3

I really should try to read the book again. Maybe I won't find it so dull this time! ;)

By the way, did you know there is a Lord of the Rings musical in London? I have posted a review of it before ( but I'm afraid I didn't really give the best review of it. When I watched it, I didn't think it was the best, but now that I think back on it, it was actually quite good! I'm still addicted to some of the songs :) If you have the time, maybe you could see it one day!