Saturday, 28 March 2009

Event Aftermath: Japanese Art Festival London

O_O I've just realised that I'd forgotten to post pictures of the Japanese Art Festival I went to nearly a month ago! Geez.....

Anywaaay! At the Tokyo City Promotion event that my friends and I went to on the 31st of January, we met Akemi Solloway, a very nice woman who is a Japanese language and culture teacher. She told us she was organising a Japanese Art Festival in Richmond and invited us to attend.

Originally, I hadn't planned on going at all, because I had scheduled myself to writing my dissertation that weekend. However, the girls on the forum were talking about it, and I was soooo tempted to go. I finally decided that I would go, when I saw on the website that they'd have takoyaki there :P

Here are pictures!!

This is what I wore:
Japanese Art Festival London 02

At the place, we helped a fellow IG-er get dressed in her absolutely gorgeous furisode:
Japanese Art Festival London 06

I was constantly fiddling around with her kitsuke :P It drove everyone nuts! By the way, in this picture, you can see my back, and also how well my zori matched my outfit :P
Japanese Art Festival London 13

I was quite proud of this! It was our first time tying a fukura suzume onto someone else, and I think it turned out quite good! :D Yaaaay! Uhh it's actually less lopsided than in these photos LOL!
Japanese Art Festival London 17

Later on in the day, Mel joined us! She was dressed gothic lolita style :D
Japanese Art Festival London 20

Our "trademark" maneki-neko pose :P
Japanese Art Festival London 21

"Do stupid poses! :D"
The result:
Japanese Art Festival London 26

Later on, our IG friend was in the kimono fashion show that Akemi Solloway hosted! She looked great :) There were many great kimono all around!
Japanese Art Festival London 41

Ahh, that was such a fun day! ^_^ Lol, we had alot of people staring, but there were also cosplayers about, so it wasn't so bad ;)

We did get to eat alot of things, like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakionigiri and tempura curry rice, with calpico to wash it all down. Yum, they were all delicious! Too bad we didn't take any pictures... We just wolfed it all down, cos we were so hungry! Hahaha XD

Ooooh one last picture! We got someone to draw caricatures of us! Can you guess who's who? :D (Click on the picture to go to my Flickr page.
Japanese Art Festival London 59

More pics here!

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