Monday, 23 March 2009

Outfit Snap: Casual yellow kimono

Casual yellow kimono, originally uploaded by shira.C.
Yesterday, I still felt like wearing kimono, so I took out a wool kimono I'd bought about 5 months ago.

I've always had trouble trying to match this kimono with anything, because I'm not the biggest fan of hanhaba obi with anything that isn't yukata, but this kimono is so casual that it looks odd with nagoya obi. I've spent months debating on what to match this kimono with, but as I took out this kimono yesterday, my eyes fell on this simple cotton hanhaba obi, and thought they'd look great together!

They do look quite good together, methinks. The yellow stripes on the obi match the kimono, while the orange stripes on the kimono match the obi. Not to mention the touches of green and purple on the obi to add a little colour to the outfit. It's still a little too low-contrast for my tastes, but it's good enough for a simple, everyday outfit! I can really picture wearing this in late autumn, because the oufit looks so warm ^^

I dressed really quickly, so my kitsuke is a little messy, but it was comfortable and not too warm, so I was happy! I did feel extra fat yesterday - I think it's because I've been eating sweet things constantly for the past week! Haha. I must've eaten two cups of sugar in total over the course of one week... *shudders*

Anyway, what do you think of yesterday's kimono ensemble? :) Any other suggestions for obi? I welcome all ideas! :D


Walter said...

Hello Priscilla,
I think you look lovely in this combination.
It looks warm enough to wear to a hanami (nudge, nudge :).
Your ensembles are so nice that I find myself getting interested in the world of kimonos, really ;)
I knew what an obi was, because it appears in the name of the dish ( the bacon around the ekonitake resembles an obi ), but I'm totally bemused by the other terminology ( you're such a n expert at it!) and I Googled around for a bit till I found this site
( the kimonos look nice, but of course I'm a complete newbie ) but I'd never guessed the dye pattern on a Houmongi 'might lead to a breast , shoulder, etc..'. Fascinating.
I also found aargh, so much terminology ?!

Priscilla said...

Hi Walter!
Thanks! Hehe :D I'm glad you're taking an interest in kimono! It makes me really happy when people are interested in my hobby XD

Hehe, yes, there really are alot of terms for kimono and kitsuke! :D It took me quite a while to remember everything! If you'd like, you can have a look at these pages for more info on kimono and kitsuke :D

A page on the types of kimono:

A page on kimono accessories:

I used to post about types of kimono, and the names of all the kimono items, but I got lazy and stopped haha. Maybe I should start it again.. XD

By the way, the dish looks incredibly cute! X3 We used to eat something similar to that in a restaurant, but in kushiyaki style. Maybe you could put the rolls on a skewer and grill it that way? It's very delicious, especially if you use a sweet teriyaki marinade on the bacon!