Saturday, 21 March 2009

Beautiful day~

Although the sky is not very blue, today is exactly the sort of day I'd described two posts ago, minus the buzzing insects :D I'm feeling very happy and at peace at the moment. I'm also feeling good about the fact that I've cleared up my room quite a bit.

I just had to take a picture of this flowering tree, that grows in the garden compound right outside my flat.

I don't actually know what tree it is, because I've never been anywhere near it to check, and even so, I highly doubt I'd be able to recognise it! :P My botany skills are zilch. Either way, I think it looks really pretty, and is a very welcoming beacon for when I'm walking home.

Since there still will be sunlight for another three hours or so, I think I might indulge myself a little bit and wear a kimono, which I haven't done in three weeks!


Walter said...

Priscilla-chan! ;)
Judging from the size and colour of the blossoms ( and the general shape of the tree ) and the fact it blossoms now, that has to be a Sakura or Japanese cherry.
Call your friends together and have a hanami (flower viewing )
It's an ancient Japanese custom and
of course one more wonderful excuse for you to wear a kimono !

Read all about sakura at

Priscilla said...

Thanks, Walter-san! XD

I did wonder if they were sakura, but haven't really been curious enough to go have look haha. Maybe I should do it next weekend, if the flowers are still there! ^_^ Like you said, maybe I could even have a picnic under the tree and have hanami in kimono!! Hahaha :D