Sunday, 3 August 2008

Outfit Snap: Yukata pictures~

I just got these pictures from my sis, so I thought I'd (finally) post pictures of myself (and my sister) in yukata!

First up is Bon Odori 2008. I'm on the left, wearing my beloved furisode yukata, and my sister is on the right, wearing my red Uniqlo usagi yukata.
Shah Alam Bon Odori 2008

I'd actually planned to wear an eri sugata (with a yellow haneri sewn onto it), and tie a double-obi knot using a larger pink hanhaba obi in the background with my yukata. However, despite practicing for a week, I really couldn't tie a satisfactory knot that looked decent, so I decided to forgo the double obi knot and used a plain purple chocho musubi. I'd also forgotten to bring my eri sugata from London, so I couldn't wear it. Please excuse the messy skirt - I hadn't realised it was folded in when I was taking the picture!

Next up is an outfit I wore to dinner on Friday night. We had to buy chocolate for the chocolate fountain we'd promised at a family dinner tonight, so after work, Ling, Pot, Patty and I drove to Bangsar Village to have dinner and buy the chocolate. I've been dying to wear yukata lately, so I wore this outfit to dinner, which we had in Mizu. For a food review, I'd expect my sister to post one up soon! (hint hint)

I thought to try a more pop-style that looked like it stepped out of the Yukata Daisuki magazine, but I'm not sure I did it right x_x It certainly is incomplete!
"Pop" yukata
"Pop" yukata - full view

Do I look over-embellished or too busy? I was really in a rush, so the earrings I picked out weren't as bling as I thought they were and I hadn't the time to pick out other accessories like rings and bracelets (my hands look too plain compared to the rest of me). I did put on large earrings, a belt (that's the white beads), black lace tabi and a really cute bag that's white satin with black lace, diamante and feathery fluff on it. Oh! And I'd used a pink sensu that matches the pink on the yukata perfectly too.

It's a little hard to see, but I'd also put a really big flower in my hair like I sometimes see in magazines, albeit in a rather tame hairstyle. The belt was also something I'd just dug out of my mum's belt collection (the belt, earrings and bag were all from her closet). I thought they looked slightly odd on the yukata, but without them, the yukata looked even odder.

What do you think? Over-embellished, under-embellished, or should I scrap this outfit completely and wear something more normal? Any other suggestions as to how to wear this yukata would be welcome! ^^


Topher said...

Omg! Do I see Maple Story running on the laptop?


Priscilla said...

LOL Chrissy! :P Yeah that's my bro playing Maple Story on his laptop. On the other laptop (mine), it's the Maple Story login screen.

What a thing to notice!! XDXD

Arashi said...

long time no see!! how are you doing? as always great on all your coordinates! congrats for your great taste!! ^___^see you!