Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Lots of 5 yukata on sale at YJA!

About a year ago, I'd bought two lots of 5 yukata on Yahoo Japan Auctions (see this post!)

I've just found out that the seller has once again put up a load of these lots of 5 for sale on Yahoo Japan Auctions! I'm very tempted to buy another lot, but I already know I have waaaay too many yukata, and that I'm not supposed to be spending money on kimono, so I'll restrain myself, somehow. Maybe by eating cake.... :P

These lots of 5 are cheap (about Y5000, although there are lots that cost about Y6800), and they do kinda look cheap too. From afar, they do look decent, but their low quality is quite obvious when it's upclose. For example, here are various pictures of my sister and I wearing yukata from my lots:

A nice striped blue one...

One of my favourites, a sky blue one with goldfish:

My sister is in another favourite, my only green yukata, while I'm in a nice red one:

See, they don't look that bad, do they? I feel as though some of them really do look cheap, but maybe it's just that I can't get the feel of the cheap material out of my mind!

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that there are these lots up for sale, and to warn them that if they do buy one or ten of these lots, the yukata look and feel their price. I think that it would help alot if you were to wash them a few times, to get the stiffness out of the fabric. Once that's one, it'll look and feel alot more comfortable and less cheap :)

Just for anyone's information, you can see the sellers' pages here:
1) Link to adakinu_kyoto
2) Link to adakinu

^_^ If you buy a lot, please post a comment and let me see pictures when you get them and wear them! Hehehe.


Petrina said...

You better not be buying anymore!!

Even Ma's kinda slowed down on her shopping and has been recycling her old clothes. Which is kinda funny cos she then finds that she's bought the same top from Dutti/Zara/whatever else twice! And she's digging out her old bags to use and all.

Melissa Chew 美慧 said...

you look so cute in that Yukata!
super kawaii~
thanks for recommending the website
but I'm just a beginner in learning Japanese...
haha, will try to translate that webpage
how you pay for it? I guess is Credit Card right?
Do they accept Paypal?
Thanks for clearing my doubts

Priscilla said...

Thank you, Melissa -^_^- Ehehehe!
Usually, I use this shop:
You can put the auction page URL into the search function, and it will translate it for you :) If you want to know how to use it, you can visit this page:
They accept Paypal for their payments ^_^

I hope that helped!

MissFann said...

The right collar should be under the left, the other way around is for the dead...>_<'' Please do not take this personally just a quick reminder, most ppl may not notice. =)

Priscilla said...

Hi MissFann, thanks for commenting! However, if you may not have noticed, the pictures with the "dead collars" are actually pictures taken in mirrors - which means that it is a reflection of my actual collar :) As such, my collars were properly worn - something that I make sure of all the time :) But thanks for your concern anyway.