Wednesday, 18 March 2009


It's rather warm out today! It feels like forever since I've felt anything but biting cold everytime I open my window :) Now it really feels like spring! *happiness*

I'm still wondering what sort of kimono should be worn at around this time. Technically, it's still awase season, but it's feeling kinda warm... Although that may be attributed to the hot soup I've just had :P Perhaps awase would be good if the day were less sunny, and if I were out of the house all the time or something! :D

I have a piece of coursework due this Friday, another one on Tuesday, a presentation on the Monday after that, then my dissertation in three days after that. It's going to be a very hectic two (three?) weeks! I'm going to have to ignore kimono for a while, but I'll take heart in the fact that once my dissertation has been handed in, I'll be free to wear kimono as much as I want! :D Yay!

Okay, now back to work! Hehehehe.

Ling> Don't worry about my shopping. I haven't bought anything in ages, and I already have so much stuff I don't feel the need to shop! Besides, most of my energy has gone into cooking and baking recently. I've been baking cookies and that cinnamon-puff-pastry-stick thing like crazy. I'm going to be the size of a whale the next time you see me ;_; Already my face is breaking out over the sheer amount of sugar that's gone into my system!

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