Sunday, 2 March 2008

Which one to get..?


Yeah, I've been shopping on Yahoo Japan Auctions lately, and I've come across these two sets and I can't decide which I'd rather get.

First is a full yukata set, which I really want because of its unusual patterns and very nice colour. It costs ¥4900. It sounds abit expensive, but really, the whole set is only US$49! Plus, it has the same look as the ones from Kamoya that I like, only it's waaaaaay cheaper, and comes with geta too!

Next up is a set of 5 yukata, which costs ¥4980 for ALL FIVE OF THEM! The seller has other sets of 5 as well, but I like this one since it has 4 colours I don't (i.e. sky blue, green, yellow and bright red). In fact, I'm not sure I have one that has that much black in it either.... Anyway, it's a pack of 5 yukata. Worth it, doesn't it sound??

I'm very tempted to just order both. Should I?

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