Monday, 10 March 2008

Outfit Snap: Kimono!

I wore kimono again today! ^_^ This time, it was the kimono from this set:
And the following obi:

I didn't wear the hanhaba cos I'll admit, I've gotten really attached to otaiko musubi (the box-type bow at the back). This obi was a last minute decision, and just plucked off the pile I just received on Friday. I'm so glad it ended up matching quite well anyway! ^_^ I thought the yellow on the butterfly matched the yellow circle-thingies and the maple leaves in my kimono while the purple matched the ume (plum blossoms) and sakura (or are they carnations?). The pink was just to add colour :P

I paired them with a yellow shibori obiage to bring out the yellow in the kimono pattern and an obiage that was maroon (to match the kimono) with pink dots (to match the obi).

The end result was this:
Picture with flash, to see colours better (sorry about the bright spot!):
Close up of the chest area:

So sorry for the bad pictures, but I couldn't take anymore before my camera finally ran out of battery!! Also, sorry for the boring poses - I was hurrying while taking them so I didn't actually think of posing!

I'm still looking for a way to incorporate yellow and green into the obi, obiage and obijime. I may have an obi that's perfect for that look, but I'm still waiting for my green obiage and obijime set to arrive before I can try it out.

So, what do you think of this outfit? Does it match?

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kimonosa said...

I had already seen this sintetic kimono!I was thinking buy it (other combo diferent) but finally I don't buy... I have spent a lot of money!!!!! arggg

I love you obi of chouchou ^^ are so beautiful with the kimono