Thursday, 6 March 2008

Dress dilemma....

Good God, I'm turning into such a clothes freak! And the problem is that, with online shopping, I can buy almost anything I want, even without my parents knowing! (of course, once I reach home and bring these all out is another story altogether...)

Now, I just recently won this off Yahoo Japan Auctions yesterday (yes, I checked, and the sizing is good): Patrick argues it's not really my style and it really doesn't look 'me' (and frankly, I agree) but I want to wear something like it once and see if I look alright. Even if I AM fat and may be unable to pull it off. Besides, I can always sell it off on eBay if I dislike how I look in it hehehe..

Now, I've been searching through eBay for more GothicLoli stuff (simply cos it's easier to use the search functions) and I found these two dresses that I like.

First off is this one, which costs £50 for both the dress AND the shipping:

I really really like the bit where ribbons form an X over the collarbones. However, I see major problems with this dress. A: My arms are huge. Can you just imagine how they'll look in that type of armholes?? Not that I usually care. I wear that sort anyway! hahaha.. B: That style really really emphasizes on the boobs. Seriously. My chest will look like torpedoes in that dress! (or so I feel). C: I'm not sure that colour suits me well. I mean, sure, yeah, we can order it in different colours. But I like this one! However, if I don't get this colour, I'll probably get it in white or cream, simply because it's such a 'me' colour. Ling, what do you think?

Secondly, we have this one, which is similar to the first dress, but with more details. It costs EU83, including shipping. Which one do you think will be more flattering for me?

Lastly, we have this dress, which also costs £50 including shipping:

Simple and sweet. Only thing is I really hate the idea of me wearing a short jacket, so the probability of me buying/wearing this is really low. Just thought I'd post a picture, though :P

Sooooooo... To buy or not to buy? For the first picture, the pink dress, I'm planning to buy chunky lolita shoes to match. Will probably venture to Camden Town to get them, but if I can't find suitable white shoes (or a matching shade of pink), I've found a pair online that would look good with it.

Someone's got alot to confess before Easter~~ (=^_^=)"


Petrina said...

Buy the purple one cos the front doesnt have the two bows like the white one. Too busy on the chest. And you DONT need that.

And the white one CAN look like a wedding dress. So when can you wear it? Not very practical.

And buy the one with the short jacket. It's nice, emphasizes the waist... and suits me more than you! Muahahaha...

Oh btw, we'll be coming over in June so we're there to bring stuff back for you. And of course shop. Wheeeee..

We're going to Borough market this time. I INSIST!

Priscilla said...

YAAAAAAAY you're coming over!!! When? When? When?

...... *goes off to hide all the stuff I've bought online* :P

The short jacket one, yeah, I thought it would look really good on you! If you want me to buy, send measurements of your waist, hips, chest and length of skirt that you want. Not sure if there are others you'll need to measure, but I'll need them before I place the order hehehe.

Yay, shopping and foooood~~ We'll have to go see a play too!! ^___^