Saturday, 22 March 2008

Good Friday

Solemn Good Friday today. Went to church at 3pm, got back at about 4.40pm. Around 4.50pm it started raining. Not just irritating-drizzle rain, but thunder-and-lightning kind of rain! Of course the heavy rains only lasted for like 5 mins, but the lightning and thunder is still going on!

..... My God, three and a half years in England, and I've turned absolutely obsessive over the weather. Sister, is this common?

On a random note, I finally thought to search on eBay for the electronic takoyaki pan my sister and I saw once in an email someone sent us. I found a few of them!! My sis is alright with getting it, and I really really want one (yeah, I'm a takoyaki/okonomiyaki/taiyaki nutter) so I'm getting one sent to KL! I'm thinking of getting the taiyaki pan as well, but I'm not sure where to send it to. We'll see hehehehe....

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