Saturday, 1 March 2008

Yukata set!

Hi again!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but it's been a busy week. First, Mel and I went to Concord for Reunion weekend. The trip back was horrid, although not the worst I'd ever heard about.

Then I had coursework to finish - just handed it in today. I really really dislike this module - heck the lecturer himself said that we were trying to compress a 2 year module into one term (i.e. 10 weeks)! Crazy. If that weren't enough, our textbook is actually a textbook for MBA students. Go figure.

Anyway, sometime in the course of the past two weeks, I bought this yukata set:

Detail of yukata:
Pretty isn't it??? Plus, I get a free uchiwa fan to go with it!! I haven't got a picture with me at the moment, but when I get it, I'll take pics to show!

I got it all for US$60 - about US$15 more expensive than my previous UNIQLO sets, but this one comes with geta (the slippers)! And a free uchiwa... AND a nicer bag! *squees* I can't waaaaait ^______^ Ooooh, I wish summer would hurry up and arrive just so I can wear it out! *giggles evilly*

Just to point out - you see the obi? How it's all tied up already and with that weird white hook? That's a tsuke obi. Very easy to use. Just wrap the long piece around your torso, and tie it in place (with attached strings that will be hidden), then hook the metal bit into the back of the strip and secure the bow in place by tying it with strings attached. A little difficult to explain, so I'll post a demonstration of how to use it when I get it and can take pictures.

I'm still contemplating buying the yukata sets from Kamoya. If I do, I'll have it sent to Malaysia - after all, that's where I'm gonna wear them. Plus, my sis likes them too, so there will be more people wearing yukata! *yay to spreading the love of kitsuke around!*

I've been having this really really odd craving for blueberry muffins lately, so I baked some just now. I just happened to have a box of Bisquick in my cupboard and a bag of blueberries sitting in the fridge, so I whipped these up:
Not very sweet, but bursting with blueberries! Yumminess. I think I'll go have another one, with a glass of milk. Bye people!


kimonosa said...

wooo I love this set of yukata!kawaiiiii!! I want to see pictures of you with this set ^^

Anonymous said...

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