Friday, 14 March 2008

Event Aftermath: Bon Odori 2004

I just finished this piece of coursework due tomorrow. Once I sent it off, I took a shower. So here I was, bored and waiting for my hair to dry fully so I can go sleep. I decided to take a look at my old pics of yukata and stuff, and thought 'Hey, I ought to post some of these old pics'.

So here they are! :P Or at least, here are two pictures of me and friends in yukata at Bon Odori when we were in Form 5 (that was 2004). Please excuse the kitsuke mistakes, I was really a noob at it at the time!


Me, Liss (best friend) and Lin (Liss' cousin):

That last picture was taken near the end, when we were all tired and konked out. It was seriously so fun though~~ At that time, not very many people wore yukata, so those of us that did were asked by many people for photographs. I remember being annoyed because I couldn't take a scoop of ice cream without someone coming up to me to ask for pics! :P Then there was also this case of a weird guy stalking us and taking photos of us... Hahaha

I do remember that our picture (yes, me and about 4 or 5 other friends) was published in the newspapers two weeks later! I hadn't even realised someone took a candid shot of us :P Ahhh, the memories!

Liss, Lin> I sincerely hope you don't mind posting your photos up here! If you want, I can censor the faces for you.

Chrissy> THERE, I didn't censor my face. Happy? :P:P:P

EDIT> That first picture used to show Azrul and me, but as someone made a complaint about it, I cut him off from the picture. To whoever you are, I'm very sorry to have offended you, but I didn't really think anyone who knew both of us to ever stumble across this blog, with the exception of the few whom I've given this link to.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Priscilla,

I'm Azrul's girlfriend. You might not know me but I do know about you. Azrul has told me about you.

Please respect me as his girlfriend when I say, take down his picture with you. I know you just want to post up pictures of yourself in a kimono before but you don't have any right to post up his picture without his permission.

Or, you could keep your picture but crop out Azrul's side of the picture.

Like I said, please respect me as his girlfriend. By the way, I'm not flaming you just simply telling you to take/ crop out his picture.