Saturday, 22 March 2008

Fun & Games: Kimono Simulator!!

OMG I've been having sooooo much fun with this kimono simulator!!

I discovered it while browsing through a Japanese kimono blog (will post up link later... once I find it again =___=""). It's absolutely fantastic! You get to change absolutely everything! Hairstyle, hair colour, kimono, obi, obiage, obijime, the geta hanao colour, the geta base colour, the tabi... You even get a choice of haori and coat!

This picture is one of the few outfits I coordinated on it. Not exactly perfect, but I quite like it. The kimono is black, with a pattern of red and turquoise.... *squints* Well, something, but they look like musical notes or dots to me. :P I coordinated it with a white-based obi with the pattern of kingyo (goldfish) and flowers (or leaves. I can't see!) on it.

I decided to match the haneri and the obiage rather than the obiage and obijime, because I like the look of a turquoise obiage, but a red obijime gives the look more 'oomph', if you will. The tabi was turquoise with a flower pattern on it, although it is rather unnoticeable. Once again, I decided to add a splash of red with the geta's hanao.

I think the coordination makes for a cool summer outfit. Next, I'll try it with more emphasis on the red for a warmer, more wintry outfit!

Toodles, I think I'm gonna go play with it more hehehehehe....

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