Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Patrick came over on Saturday. He went out with his friend for dinner while I stayed home to work on my coursework, but an old friend called and I ended up forgetting :P

Since Sunday and today were public holidays, we stayed home entirely, apart from going out to church yesterday. Mel joined us for church, then we came home for lunch. I cooked rice and stirfried vegetables, and roasted some duck breast. We were damn stuffed after that! We hung out in my room till about 6pm then Mel went home. Patty and I had a simple dinner after that of fish fingers, bread and soup.

Today, we woke up really really late (think 1pm) so we stayed home again. Good thing too, cos the weather was horrid! Time passed quite quickly.

We just finished dinner. Yeah, I cooked again. This time it was roasted sausages with butter rice and sauteed petit pois. For my first time cooking peas, they turned out really good, especially when eaten with the rice! And both are so easy to cook too.

For the butter rice, just cook rice as usual, add a large spoonful of butter, and mix till all the butter is melted. Add salt, pepper and dried basil, mix well. For the petit pois, melt a spoonful butter in a pan with some garlic-infused olive oil (or really good quality olive oil). Cook finely chopped onions till soft, then add about 150ml of chicken stock. Add 300g of frozen petit pois, boil vigorously, then reduce to simmer till the stock is reduced and thick. I got the recipe for the peas from Nigella Lawson's Feast, but I tweaked it to my liking, cos I don't really like the idea of spring onions and lettuce with the peas, and onions just seem right to have with peas.

I think I can just eat the peas and rice alone for a whole meal! Although I will admit that I used an ungodly amount of butter in both recipes.... I think the amount of butter I used is about the same amount we'd eat with a few slices of toast... each. o_O

Oh, apparently, I'm skilled with cooking vegetables. I really suck at cooking meat (with the exception of curries, slow-cooker stews and my honeyed chicken) and fish (unless I use the oven) but surprisingly, my veggie dishes turn out quite alright. I guess maybe that's why I have a tendency to cook vegetarian stuff everyday. Then again, vegetables are the absolute easiest thing to cook! Mel said my stirfry yesterday was perfect (vegetables were cooked, but still crunchy; the sauce was just right, and I didn't add too much salt or soy sauce) and Patty said the peas were really good today. Yay, my cooking doesn't suck so bad after all!

Yay, I'm now inspired to find more vegetarian recipes and try them! Maybe I'll try the butternut squash lasagne recipe next....

Speaking of cooking, Patty said my peanut butter cookies were good, but would be better if I used a better peanut butter. Maybe I'll make another batch and see....


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