Sunday, 16 March 2008


I notice how I tend to find the oddest words cute. Like pig. And pink. And purple. And crumb. And eat. And mushroom. Especially mushroom. Come to think of it, the word 'mush' is cute too.

I think you can tell I'm bored.

EDIT> I've been looking at various kimono tansu lately, and I decided I really really really REALLY want one in place of the sofa in my room. Then I thought about it more, and decided that the inbuilt cupboard in my room, and all the spare/empty drawers hidden in my room would be good enough. So Ling, if I ever mention tansu at home, hit me over the head. Hard.

Ooooh and I decided that I'm gonna wear kimono as often as I can when I'm back in Malaysia. Around the house, out shopping, out to dinners. Since I now suddenly have an abundance of furisode, I decided that if we go to eat at a Japanese restaurant in a hotel or any fancy places, I'm gonna wear one. Just remind me not to order anything that stains :P Meaning absolutely no noodle dishes (YAY I'm sick to death of noodles now). That's a cute word too. Noodles. Nyehehehehe....


Anonymous said...

Oh! Well...if you have empty drawers, etc...then you should probably use them first. But TANSU! I think you should get one ;P No worries about peer pressure!

Priscilla said...

Haha, my cupboard actually isn't empty :P My mum took over the space in my cupboard for all of her cardigans, sweaters, etc. but I think I'll move them to my brother's room to make space for my kimono *heart*

Thanks for visiting, by the way! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)