Thursday, 25 September 2008

Closet Feature: ool kimono shopping

I've been eyeing a few of Ryujiro-san's wool kimono lately, and yesterday, I'd noticed one of them was actually an ensemble! Ensemble = kimono + matching haori. I was so excited I decided to buy it straight off, and at the same time, buy those that I'd been eyeing too!

Here's a picture of the haori. The kimono is in the same pattern, which is red with white plaid/checks/whatever you call them.

I also bought this absolutely sweet kimono, which looks to be very transparent, so I'll only wear this in the spring or early summer.

Upclose detail.. I love the pink pattern and the ice-blue pattern on it!

AND I bought this piece.. It's white with multi-coloured stripes forming a plaid pattern.

Doesn't the pattern just remind you of a certain brand's bags? *cough*Coach*cough* I bought it so I can use those bags with this kimono :D I'm a little concerned that it might be a little too matchy-moo, but I'm thinking that with a nice solid-coloured obi, it wouldn't be too bad.

Ling, that last kimono was bought with you and Ma in mind :D


Kotone said...

Your last kimono is so cute! It reminds me of pixisticks!

Petrina said...

I think you're buying a little too much!!

ihsara said...

the last kimono has such a country feel to it... not fancy schmancy but looks homey and comfy...

at least now i know you have something that could match with my kimono hahaha (i thought i looked like one of the lower class people (vassals??) back in the tokugawa period lol)

shud have bid on something fancier ;___;