Tuesday, 23 September 2008

University Rankings

I feel a very odd sensation of pride for my university.

I was checking the university rankings for 2009 on a whim, and I found out that my uni is ranked 3rd in the UK for its business courses. In 2008, it was also 3rd, but LSE was 5th. This year, shockingly, LSE had dropped to 11th. It kind of makes me feel odd because I'm very glad I got into my university as it's high-ranking and is more coursework-based than LSE (despite the stress, it's good fun), but at the same time, it makes me worry that it won't make a difference when finding a job because Cass Business School only gained its current name in 2002, and LSE is a famous name. I wonder if that sort of thing affects your job and stuff.

Am I being a brat? :P


Petrina said...

I've been telling you for ages that your uni is better than mine, and that it prepares you for working life better as well.

But LSE still is a good name and yes, in superficial Malaysia, it seems to be easier to get a job with LSE on your resume.

But ya, if they didnt call you, I'm assuming you passed.

Oh I forgot to pass Pa the slip to collect my parcel so I might go home and do it at lunch time.

ihsara said...

don't worry dear, most uni's get more famous as time goes by...

as my dad's friend said (he was from LSE back when it was still "young") when he was a fresh grad from LSE abt 15 or more years ago, no one in Msia wanted to hire him because he was from an unknown college (they preferred Universiti Malaya students)

but flash forward and now LSE is a famous name. so don't worry!!

besides, i think my uni is more obscure than yours on a whole =P