Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Did I pass? Did I fail? I still don't know, but I'm praying and hoping that I passed. I don't think calling those of us who failed will take all that long, especially since there are only 50 of us left in the course, and I would think about 20% of us had to resit some stuff. Well... Not including the other years :P Also, I'd just received an email from Matt (our Course Officer) for Part 3 students. I dunno if I'm already considered as a Part 3 student or not though...

ANYWAY, I went to collect a parcel at the Post Office today, and surprise surprise, there was another one waiting for me! I received 3 pairs of zori (can never have too many) and one bag. The bag is really cute, I will take pictures tomorrow! In the other parcel, I finally received two books I'd placed an order for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those books soooooo much!! *hearts* Very inspirational for putting kimono ensembles together! I love Mamechiyo's book... *sighs*

Sorry for squealing like that, but come on, it's a book! How can you not get excited over a book??

A really odd addition here, but I'm absolutely craving for the weirdest thing. I want to cook some oven chips, melt brie cheese in the oven at the same time, and dip the chips into the cheese. Aren't I weird?

I'm thinking of taking pictures of pages in kimono books to show pictures of my favourite ensembles/outfits/books, etc. I could post a picture a day or something. Or post a book a week. Should I?

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