Thursday, 11 September 2008

*shivers in the cold*

Brr, it's certainly chilly tonight!

I went out with Mel today. I was planning to go to John Lewis on Monday to buy yarn for my sister's birthday present, but I forgot till Tuesday night, so today, I headed out. Mel originally didn't want to come along because she was waiting for her results, but at around noon, she told me she'd passed and wanted to buy a bass guitar, so we could meet up.

We met up at Borders on Charing Cross Road, and ate a late lunch at Abeno Too. Good stuff, that. I'll miss it for sure! I wish Malaysia has okonomiyaki bars! After lunch, we took the tube to Harrod's to buy her guitar, and I bought a couple of piano books (Les Miserables and Sound of Music. Classics!). Then we bought gelato at the Harrod's Food Hall, and ate it while walking to Sloane Square where Mel thought a John Lewis might be, but it turned out to be Peter Jones instead.

No problem there, because they sold the same yarn! I bought my sister alot of yarn, all Rowan because I remember her mentioning that you can only buy Rowan yarn in Singapore, but I won't tell what kind or what colour so that she can wait in suspense *nyahaha!* :P I'm wondering now if I should've bought her some Debbie Bliss yarn, or if I should just send this over as a birthday present, and buy the Debbie Bliss yarn for a Christmas present.

I won't send the box anytime soon, though, because I haven't visited Loop yet, and I'll prolly go there tomorrow or on Monday. I can't go on Friday because Mel and I are planning to go to Borough Market for some scallops and oysters, and on Saturday, there's that Japanese Jamboree thing. I'm not sure if it's open on Sunday, but anyway, there's a Korean New Moon festival that I want to check out on that day anyway.

Mel can't go to the Japanese Jamboree because it's her moving-in day :( I'll just go on my own I guess. I hear there'll be a professional kimono dresser doing a demo there, so I'm gonna go watch! I must remember to bring my glasses and camera and wear kimono too! *hearts*

This month is hitoe (unlined) month for kimono and obi, but the juban, obiage and obijime are still ro. Luckily, I just received my ro juban yesterday! I'm still not sure if I should go in a dressed up yukata or a kimono, but I suppose it depends on the weather. If it's cold and rainy, I will wear a kimono, but if it's warm and sunny, I'll wear my new yukata.

For the kimono, I'm absolutely determined to use the triangular shawl my sister knitted for me! I just recently bought a wool hitoe kimono that's the perfect shade of gray for that shawl. It looks rather mature for me, but I suppose I can make it younger with my accessories. I was thinking of wearing it with my light blue hawk obi and pink or red obiage and obijime, with a gray hat, but I can also match it with a blue and white striped tsuke-obi with the pattern of shoes on it. There is also the option of wearing it with a magenta obi that will match the purple in the shawl.... Ahh so many choices!

I think tomorrow, I'll put together a few ensembles and take some pictures then post them here and on the IG forums for opinions! ^_^

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Petrina said...

Thank you Fat!! :D
Sorry I didnt hear your sms come through but it was in the middle of the night. And you do know that I am a pig and sleeps like one!

But yea I dont get Rowan or Debbie Bliss here. Yes both are available in Singapore (I got some of both during Xmas last year).

Okay darker colours yay! I just bought 10 balls of Jaeger yarn in black and 10 balls in teal. But more yarn is always good.

Since you're going to Borough market you can go to iKnit!