Saturday, 6 September 2008

Closet Feature: Birthday Furisode!!!!!

OMG *shrieks in happiness* I JUST WON THIS!!!!! *jumps around excitedly*

Don't you just love it?? It's a kimono... with the motif of kimono! :D How cute!! Okay, to be more exact, it's a chufurisode with the motif of kimono hanging on ropes tied to maple trees. But still!! It's gorgeous! It's a little big for me because it's 165cm long (I'm 160cm tall, so supposedly 160cm kimono fit me best, but I feel most comfortable in 163cm kimono) and 135cm wide (a 132cm wide kimono fits me quite well), but it's better for it to be a little big than a little small!!

Now, you might be wondering why I'm calling it a birthday furisode. That's because this furisode is an autumn kimono. See the maple leaves? They're red, which means that they represent fall (green represents spring). Someone on the Immortal Geisha forums identified hanging kimono as an October motif, and she said that since it was awase (lined), it's a mid- to late-October furisode. Isn't that great?? I have one that would be seasonally appropriate for my birthday!! *jumps around and squeals in delight*

I'm also very excited because it doesn't have any flaws except for a soft stain on the collar, AND I rarely ever see this sort of motif. The same person who identified the furisode for me said that it looks like a furisode that was designed so that later on, the sleeves can be cut to make it a houmongi (not that I'd do that!), and that is rare.

I'm still not sure what sort of obi to buy for it. I'm currently bidding for an obi for another new furisode from the same seller (will post pics of my new furisode later. Ling, I don't think I need a birthday present this year!) and I hope I'll win it. I've found another obi that I think would match this furisode really well. It's dark red and has flower bouquets and ropes and tassels, but I'm not sure if it'll make the ensemble "pop"... I've been wanting a red fukuro obi anyway, so I just might buy it! *giggles*

Speaking of which, I helped Mel order her first furisode last week, and it arrived on Tuesday. She came over yesterday as a sort of after-exams-celebration-get-together to pick it up. It was gorgeous!! I'm now dying to buy a red furisode *nyuu!* I did find one furisode, juban and obi set on eBay, but the auction is ending soon and it's US$300 :( Booo.. Well, back to YJA then! :P

Mwee, I can't wait to receive this one!!


Topher said...

i'm honestly thinking if u were to shift home everything, what would the shipping charges be.

LoL...On another note, that cat is too fat. lol.


Priscilla said...

I don't want to think about it :P But I think I'll use the same person who shipped my sister's boxes home... It doesn't go by weight, it goes by the number of boxes.

The cat isn't fat! It's mostly fluffy fur :P Cuteness. It's smaller than my lap (which isn't saying much)