Thursday, 11 September 2008

Outfit Snap: Navy Blue Striped Wool & Green Tsukuri Obi

I've been dying to wear kimono lately. I had put together this ensemble on Tuesday (9th Sept 08) and was supposed to wear it yesterday, but since I went to Soho, I didn't get a chance to. Today, I was feeling restless because of the lull in my kitsuke, so I wore this to go to the post office to buy a box (to post Ling's yarn in).

This kimono is my new navy wool hitoe komon with gray and white stripes. Yes, it's komon and not tsumugi as the design is very obviously not woven once you look at it really closely. The juban is my new ro juban, which is very slippery.

The obi is a double-sided cotton tsuke obi that I bought last year but didn't get a chance to wear till today. I felt that yellow would be a cooler colour to wear than pink or something like that. Plus, yellow accessories make the stripes look brighter. I wore white tabi to match the collar (because I don't have a han-eri that matches) and pale yellow geta. To top it all off, I wore a gray cap (omg, bad pun!) with black trimming and a green bag with white polka-dots.

September is hitoe season for kimono, but still ro season for juban, obi and other accessories. Technically, my obi is wrong (double-sided = awase?) but I like this colour with this kimono so I don't care! Everything else is seasonally appropriate, though :)

By the way, I sneaked into my James's room to take these pictures while he's not around ^^;;; It's because my room is too messy at the moment! Haha.

Front view taken in the mirror. I dunno why, but I like this picture.

Side view taken by camera timer.

Back view. Bad picture, and messy crooked otaiko, but I'm still proud because I took ages to figure out how to use that side of the obi!


In that last picture, you can see the komon's pattern. You can also see the little coloured dots on the obi, and the yellow ro obiage and obijime. I used handphone charms for obi decoration: one of a gingerbread man and another of a fat transparent yellow cat. Oh yeah, I did figure out how to put multiple charms on the plastic thing! I tied a bit of string onto the plastic thing and put the charms on the string. Looks cute, doesn't it?

You like? I certainly do!

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Petrina said...

Someone's very free I see.
Ma was actually considering asking you if you wanna fly home for 2 weeks but decided no need la cos it'll cost quite a bit.

Would you rather come home to bum for 2 weeks or would you want to spend the money buying more kimono stuff?

Yay the yarns are on the way?