Saturday, 6 September 2008

What we've been doing...

Patrick arrived in London on Wednesday. He took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, and from there, took a cab to my place. He arrived in the late afternoon/early evening. We couldn't go out, because I had to study for my exam, so instead, we walked to Waitrose to buy some essentials (i.e. toothbrush) and stuff to cook.

I made a cheat's fish pie, using smoked haddock chowder as the base of my sauce. I heated it up, then stirred in the fish till it was cooked, then added some peas and ready-cooked prawns to heat them up. The sauce was really watery, so I added cornflour to thicken it. I poured it into my Pyrex bowl, then heated up two packs of mashed potatoes (which was one pack too many, actually) and spread it on top of the pie, then baked it in a 180C oven till it was golden and bubbling. It was not bad, but then again it was a cheat's way of making it, so of course nothing could go really wrong.

The next day, we both woke up at about 9am, and I studied a bit more till it was time to shower and leave. Went for exams, then realised that I'd forgotten my calculator at home!! So, 15 minutes before the exam started, I ran down 3 floors to 2 different shops before I found a calculator that the University accepted, then ran back up just barely in time to enter the hall and still have my full 10 minutes of reading time.

The paper was much easier than the January one, I think. They repeated the first two questions, but I didn't answer one because it was the most difficult question in the whole paper and I suck at it. (The paper was to answer 4 out of 5 questions at 25% each question). Some of my answers worry me though.... I feel like they were waaay too short for what they're worth, but after studying my notes, there is no way I could expand on them... *shrugs* Oh well...

When I went home, Mel came over, and we all walked to Waitrose to buy stuff to eat. I cooked, and we had a long leisurely meal of lamb burgers, pork fillets stuffed with apples, roasted courgettes and roasted lamb (yes, it's alot, but we shared it all!).

Yesterday, the weather was so bad, and we woke up really late, so we didn't go out at all except to walk to the Post Office to collect Patty's flashlight. I got a nice surprise when I saw that there was a parcel for me too! It had 3 wool kimono that I'd ordered from RyuJapan's website. At USD10 each, I'd say they were a good bargain!

Today, Patty and I went to Borough Market! We ate loads, but not as much as we usually would. In order, we had - apple and raspberry juice, scallops, chorizo sandwich, chips with salt and vinegar, oysters, ice cream, and creme caramel. We shared the chorizo sandwich, and I didn't have a lamb burger, so somehow it wasn't too filling. Of course, we sampled alot of other thingies along the way.

We tried the mushroom pate that I'd been looking at for ages, but never bought. It's the tastiest mushroom thing I've ever eaten! I love it! *hearts* ^____^ Patty and I bought a tub for us to eat for breakfast tomorrow over toast.

Patty and I found a new cheese that we like! It's an Italian cheese called "Drunk Cheese" that was matured normally for 18 months, then further matured in red wine for 6 months. It tasted really unusual and rather sweet for a cheese. I think it's something Pa would like, but I don't know how well it would go with red wine. It seems a little much, don't you think? Red wine with red wine-matured cheese... I suppose this is more the sort of cheese you'd add over a salad or maybe cut into slices and eaten with burgers.

*sighs* I think I ought to go to Borough Market more often... *pats tummy happily*


Topher said...


I miss miss miss miss miss miss that market. Cause. Got. A lot. Of. Cupcakes. =(

Oh. Oh. Another Surefire flashlight? :P

Petrina said...

Fat, didn't we try the mushroom pate? I remember buying a tub of mushroom pate during this trip... hmmm..

Oh ya, Nicole's going to Japan in Dec. You want to follow?