Saturday, 13 September 2008

Outfit Snap: Borough Market pics! +kitsuke

Mel and I went to Borough Market today! It actually opened and closed early today because of some event that's taking place there tonight. Mel and I got there just in time to get our full 2 hours of feasting!

I had scallops, oysters, ice cream and juice, and we shared one of those.. raclettes, they were called? The boiled new potatoes with gherkins and picked baby onions topped with melted cheese and lots of pepper. Yum! Mel also had a double chorizo sandwich.

I bought another wedge of drunk cheese, and a tub of mushroom pate, plus a new type of honey that I haven't tried! The sample tasted really good though ^___^ It's chestnut honey.

I had my camera with me, but I didn't bother taking many photos. Here are the two that we took:

This was taken at Utobeer. This is the advertisement sign haha. Patty and I saw it last week, and we took pics on our phones, but I can't seem to upload pics from my phone, for some reason...The grocery shop next to the Chorizo sandwiches was selling puffball mushrooms!! They're HUMONGOUS! The smallest one is larger than my fist! The huge bugger you can see would make a 7-months pregnant woman feel small.

Okay, so I was being a brat and wore kimono there. I must say, though, that I felt very "homey"! I was wearing a wool kimono to a market and using a basket to put my things in. :D

FrontDetailUpclose detail

This morning was really chilly, so I thought "Good! The kimono I chose was thicker than yesterday's and will be warm enough!" and it was, but in the afternoon, as I was walking back from Borough Market (I walked there and back - only 40mins in a kimono! Not bad, I think I can halve that time in a shorter skirt), the sun came out and it was soooo bloody hot! So if I look tired in these pictures, it's because these were taken after nearly 4 hours of walking and carrying groceries around town.

The kimono is a green wool hitoe with hints of yellow and pink and a woven pattern of asanoha. The obi is a double-sided cotton obi with pink and white stripes and floral detail. The obi-jime-age set was actually from one of my gray wool hitoe ensembles. I loved the set so much, and thought it would look good with a green kimono that I wore it with this. Looks good, don't you think?

The obijime was woven with pink, purple and yellow strands. That was perfect because that was my colour scheme of the day! The han-juban and susoyoke (half-juban and underskirt) was yellow and the other side of the obi was purple. The cap and the bag just brought it all together I think. Yay to good coincidences! :D

I picked a white obiage, white juban collar and white lace tabi because I felt it would balance the ensemble and make it bright and fresh. Did I succeed? Also, the tabi are lace and not normal tabi because normal tabi seems to "solid" for this ensemble, and the lace in the tabi looks nice with the floral pattern of the obi.

You can see that the hem is a little higher than I'd like it. It's partially because the kimono is too short (I barely managed an ohashori) and partially because I didn't want to dirty the hem at the market. Unfortunately, it looked rather unattractive when I was walking!

What think you? Personally, I just love the puffball mushroom! I want one as a pet!


Topher said...

*strangles prissy!* foooooooooood.
glorious foooooood. too bad PwC dont have a Borough market concept, else i think all of the employees will be pigging out instead of working


Petrina said...

I see that Fatteh gave you the pink basket! He did seem reluctant at first to pack it into his luggage and I had to remind him...