Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Butterfly yukata and grape yukata!

Bad news. The book is a private print by the Sodo Kimono School from 2006, so no ISBN :( The person I asked said it would've been easier to get when it was printed out, but now it'll be difficult to find. She did say that she would scan it when she goes home in December, though, so I'll wait for it! ^_^

I went to Parcelforce's Charlton Depot today. I've been waiting for a parcel for ages, but it's been held up, so I went to collect it today. I received the yukata set I posted earlier!! Omg, it's soooo much prettier in real life! It was 20% off too! I absolutely do not regret getting it :D I regret not buying more!

On the way back, I was passing through Canary Wharf and decided to take a look at Accessorize. Having been greatly inspired by CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono book, I wanted to get alot of hats to match my scarves. I did buy hats, along with some other stuff, but I forgot to get some gloves :( Boo. My hats are pretty, though! Maybe I'll take pictures during the day and post them XD

OMG I was shopping on YJA just now when I stumbled across these two beautiful yukata!!!

This one has grapes on it!!!
This one has huge butterflies!

*whines whines whines* I waaaaaaaaaaant oooooooooone. But it's ¥13,000 EACH ;_; That's USD130! *heart breaks* They're so gorgeous, but sooooo expensive.....

If I had the choice, I seriously don't know if I'd rather get two of these yukata or one of Mamechiyo's obi, or even a couple of polyester kimono sets. A part of me wishes I have unlimited money so I can buy 'em all pretties! >:3 Nyahahahaha!

P/S: Ling, I forgot to go buy your yarn today, so I'll go tomorrow. Call me at about 10am or something and remind me XD


ihsara said...

hey luvvie,

i was thinking of buying a furisode (since i will be turning 20 this year lol) but i have no idea where to start!!

please help, O kimono/kitsuke expert lol...

if its too long to reply, just drop me an email on gmail :3

ihsara said...

mmm i just bid on this, dyou think its too ugly/plain??

and i am having a horrendouse time looking for an obi for it bcoz i cant decide if th spots are brown or purple. basically i have really bad sense in coordinating stuffs lol.

any suggestions??