Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Biyo-sugata book

I was scouring through the Internet for instructions for biyo-sugata tonight as I have the instructions for fukura-suzume only and usually wing it when it comes to the other types of obimusubi. Surprise of all surprises, I found a blog where its owner was talking about a biyosugata book she'd received. There were 12 musubi and 5 themes, including a DVD that showed how to tie 5 of the bows! Then I found out she is also from the IG forums, so I PM-ed her there asking for the book's name and ISBN number so I could get it for myself, if possible.

I hope I'm not troubling or disturbing her too much!! But I really really really want (and desperately need) that book...

I did try looking through Amazon.jp, but my Japanese isn't good enough to translate, and the only biyosugata book that came up in the search function was out of stock, anyway. I tried looking through Crescent-Shop and Rakuten, but once again, without the book's name, it's very difficult to look for it and see if it's the right item. However, if I have trouble looking for it online, I thought I'd try contacting Kinokuniya and see if they can help me procure a book.

*awaits nervously* I really want that book...

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Petrina said...

I can go collect the book from Kinokuniya... and buy some knitting books while I'm there!

Nyeh nyeh