Friday, 31 October 2008

It's my birthday!

Mwahaha, I turn 20 today! I am sadly no longer a teen anymore, and can no longer gloat that I'm a 19-year-old and in my final year of university D: Instead I shall now gloat that I will graduate at the nice even-numbered age of 20!! Yaaaay!

Were I Japanese, it would now be legal for me to drink, vote, own houses, etc. Banzai! I can move to Japan now!

Hopefully, I will receive my parcel today as a birthday present. The parcel has 6 kimono and 3 obi in it - Ling, don't freak out, it came as a lot and was bought ages and ages ago. All of that costs the same as one ball of yarn. AND I chose the cheap shipping too!

Oh Ling, my room was only messy that day because Hong and I were throwing stuff everywhere all over it! It's really much neater usually. :P And Pa's going to Osaka???? Nuuuuuuu!!! *flies home to be packed into Pa's suitcase* I'd give a shopping list, but then I'd have to educate Pa about types of kimono, formality levels, colours, patterns, how to buy something that fits and all that rot. So yeah, I'll save Pa a headache and just not ask for anything :D

Hm, time to do coursework... D:


Lee ゆき said...

Happy Birthday
Tanjobi omedetto

U look cute in those yukata...

Priscilla said...

Hehe thank you! =^_^= ^0^/

zhen said...

Happy birthday Prissy! :)

Topher said...

*pokes* Haha. Happy Birthday and Welcome to the big Two-Owh club.

Tsk tsk. Sent u a text, but don't know whether u've reaceived it or not


Priscilla said...

Thanks Zhen!

Thanks Chrissy! Nuuu I didn't get the text :( But thanks for the thought anyway! :D