Saturday, 25 October 2008


Hong came over today! She came over at about 2pm and we talked alot and alot about kimono and all that. I rotated my kimono about while we were talking. I put away all my yukata and summer kimono, and took out my awase (lined) kimono. I really should've done this ages ago, but I guess I got lazy haha.

We decided on what we were going to wear for tomorrow (I'm lettind her wear my sakura hakama set! The both of us were practically drooling all over it!) and... chatted. Yeah, we talked and talked for 6 hours straight :P Of course, some of that time, she let me try on some of her kimono and we took loads and loads of pictures. It was really fun! Hahaha. I'll post them as soon as she sends them over ^___^

At about 8pm, we both went out for dinner at Il Bordello, which is right behind my flat. It's really close to church - just the next street over, really! I'm surprised I'd never heard of it before. It was absolutely packed! We were lucky that we managed to get a table as soon as we went in. It was rather noisy of course, but we still managed to have a decent conversation.

I had a linguini pescadora, which is linguini with seafood in a tomato sauce. I don't usually like "seafood" stuff in London, but OH MY GOD. It was absolutely fantastic!! Really tasty, the seafood was fresh, and the portion was HUGE. Think the Italian equivalent of Misato! I ended up having half of it packed away. Hong had this ravioli al funghi thingy (ravioli stuffed with mushrooms in a mushroom and white wine sauce) that was also gorgeous.

Of course, I didn't eat till I was really stuffed so I could save space for dessert. Hong had ice cream while I had tiramisu. Again, it was huge!! The whole slab of tiramisu was bigger than my whole hand! And it wasn't jelak either - it was quite delicate and the balance of cream, coffee, biscuit and alcohol was just perfect. I ate the whole thing of course! :P (whoa, I feel the need for a gym subscription...)

The table next to us seated this couple. They were watching us eat, and when the dessert came, they asked us how the heck we were able to eat our mains and dessert, since we were "small"! Well, yeah, Hong's tiny, but I sure as heck aren't! Then again, compared to them, maybe I do seem small :P Either way, Hong and I answered things like "we've got a separate stomach for dessert" and "dessert goes into the black hole" haha. I swear, it was hilarious :P

Okay, I'm gonna go shower now and hope my hair dries. Tomorrow's the MCM Expo and Hong's coming over early in the morning so we can get dressed and go to the Expo early! *squeals* I can't wait!! :D:D:D

G'night! Ling, I'll send you pictures and a full review of Il Bordello when I get them pics.

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