Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Losing weight

This afternoon, I was very abruptly filled with determination to lose 50lbs or 20kg so that I can fit into my kimono (amongst other things :P). I'd start now, but I haven't any time to exercise because of my piling courseworks D: (Mwahaha, serial procrastinator, I am!)

Speaking of courseworks, I've got to finish half of two courseworks by tomorrow, 2/3 of one coursework by next week and about 10% of my dissertation (not including the research stuff I need out of said 10%) in two weeks. I haven't got anything due for another 2 1/2 weeks at least -_- *sigh*

But at least I'll be able to finish it all early and have time to do my dissertation and study.

Speaking of which, Mel and Hong are coming over this Friday to decide on what to wear for the kimono fashion show. At the same time, Hong and I will have to decide what I'm going to wear for this Saturday's MCM Expo! We're going to wear hakama, of course, but just which kimono I'm going to wear is an issue. I think I might wear a striped kimono, but I'm not sure... Definitely a kofurisode. Maybe I'll look up some anime characters and see what they're wearing? Hehehe...

Okay, I've rambled on enough. Time to do coursework!


ihsara said...

wow 20kg takes alot of effort o_o

plus a proper diet too >.<

i have resumed my gym routine last week, man its killing my butt and thighs >.<... i however use it as a means of procrastination (anything to avoid study,anything!!!)

and also because its gonna be summer soon and i want to wear that damn bikini b4 going home and chucking it into some obscure cornerof a storage box for i will be fat when i get back to Msia.

Plus i think fats = acne coz i have a huge lump of fats on my lower belly (like slightly above the uterus) and it broke out in zits wtf. Belly zits!!

aaaaah i'm so jealous u have so many events in London to attend. Stupid Aussie should plan som of these things in Sydney as well!

ihsara said...

ps dont u fit kimono better if you're bigger?? like, you fill it out better right??

coz when i wear my kimono it somehow lookslike i am a small child drowning in fabric... and theres always extra bits of cloth flopping around the chest area... i call them boob-flaps... if i get a pic i sjhall send it....

Priscilla said...

Yeah, but I don't think I'll do it all in a year :P I managed to lose about 10kg in 2 years, but just ONE summer in Msia and I put on half of that -__-"" Damn you, sister! (20kg lighter is a weight I haven't been since I was about 10cm shorter :P)

Haha, if I could procrastinate my coursework, I would! But if I don't pass them or get a good mark, I'll fail my 3rd year = wasted all that money and time. So yeah, this year, my diet consists of eat little, study alot, sleep 5 hours a day.

Hee, London only has this many events because it's the Japan-UK 150 events thing that's to celebrate the 150 years of relations between Japan and UK XD There's a whole tonne of stuff going on outside of London, but I can't attend most of them because I'm stuck here haha. Still, just going to the British Museum would be an excuse to wear kimono ;)

Whether you're bigger or slimmer, kimono will fit you best if you've got that tubular shape - no hips, no boobs. That's why I use a kimono bra and alot of padding! I just want to be slimmer because most vintage kimono are smaller in width :P

Ooooh send them pics! I'll try and see what you might need to fix it ^___^

Petrina said...

If it makes you feel better, I just ate a huge packet of nasi lemak with fried egg. Muahahahaaa...

And yes, you better study and do all your coursework well or you'll have hell to pay when Ma screams at you.

*burp* time to get back to work!

Priscilla said...

;_; Nasi lemak!! I want to eat some toooooo.... I dunno if that makes me feel better or worse :P

I'm doing my coursework the best I can! I sense that this year is a good year for coursework... It was last year that was really really bad for me ;_; Everything I failed was when it was still 2007. Pig year = not good for me! Let's hope next year is a good year too! :D

Pig, why's my tummy getting larger?? ;____;