Thursday, 23 October 2008

I want to wear kimono...

I'm seriously dying to wear kimono because I haven't practiced any kitsuke at all since the koto concert last Thursday :(

Why haven't I worn kimono since then?
1) I was bloated because my period was late. It was painful to wear kimono.
2) I was moody and PMS-ing and not in the mood to fuss about clothes.
3) I was busy doing coursework and my dissertation.

And why can't I wear kimono now?
1) My period is here. Still bloated. Still painful.
2) All my kimono bras are in the wash and won't be dry till Saturday D:
3) I still need to do coursework and my dissertation.

At least I'll be able to wear kimono on Saturday. But somehow, some part of me just wants to put together some kimono ensembles. Maybe when I'm done with these courseworks, I can put together a few ensembles and take pics to satisfy my kitsuke-lust.

Ling, I'm thinking of trading away or selling some of my kimono. Don't be surprised if I suddenly ask you to call me for therapy because I'm about to sell one of my babies. I think I'll still need another month to bring up the courage to start selling ;_;

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