Friday, 3 October 2008


Today, one of my lecturers said the funniest thing. He was telling us a story about his pet cat years ago (it relates to our lecture, so no, he wasn't talking nonsense :P). And he described his cat as, and I quote:

"Standard house pet. Furry object." *makes gesture with hands indicating a mass about the size of a cat*

LOL the whole lecture hall laughed so hard! I had trouble keeping my giggles in check when he continued the story XD

Speaking of funny quotes from lecturers, my first lecturer this morning was talking about systems and how we could use things from our systems thinking module to apply to his subject.

"And to look at our situation, we could use.. that picture thing. Whatever it's called."

It doesn't sound quite so funny if you don't know what a "rich picture" is :P Think of it as an inside joke, I guess. But it was hilarious because the systems thinking lecture was right after that one! Hahaha.

On a side note, 6 hours of lectures may be torture on the stomach (it's from 9am till 3pm non-stop with only 10 minutes of break per hour), but at least the lectures themselves are interesting enough to make up for the growling tummies! I think from now on, I'll have to pack a lunch at home to eat in one of the lectures. Not enough time to buy a lunch D: Not unless I either want to be late or to give up getting a seat in my 1pm lecture. The 1pm lecture is great, by the way. Our coursework this year is on the Royal Opera House! We get to go on a field trip there for a tour and everything! *joyness*

Ling, doesn't my course sound so interesting? :D

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Topher said...

gonna be worst off than u actually when Jan comes.

2-3 hours of classes after work at 5.30pm and 6 hours of classes on weekends.

had to get company to pay for the course to get study leave, no study leave for me if i pay off the 20k to take the course. sighhhhh