Friday, 10 October 2008

Tiring Thursday

Once again, today was a very tiring day.

I got up at my usual time (well, usual time for 9am lectures anyway!), got ready in my normal amount of time, left the house at a very appropriate time according to my clocks. *sighs* And then, when I was on the bus, I was shocked at how much time had passed while I daydreamed at the bus stop, and rushed to school, practically running from the bus to the classroom. When I burst in, I was flabbergasted at how few people there were in the class - five, including the lecturer! When I took a seat, I asked my friend what time it was on her watch and found that MY watch was nearly half an hour fast!! -______- That means I was nearly half an hour early!! Bloody irritating, it was.

Halfway through my last lecture, I started talking to a friend from another course and found out we had the same preferred supervisor for our dissertations! I'd been trying to get a hold of that lecturer for months! He had a meeting with John Heaman (the supervisor) right after the lecture, so he invited me to tag along and ask if he would agree to be my supervisor. We waited for half an hour and he didn't come -_- We even looked up his schedule and waited for him outside the classroom but no one came! Owen kept trying to call him the whole time.

Just as we got fed up and were about to leave (we were waiting for about an hour and a half), John called Owen and said he was ill. Owen was nice enough to set another date and time for a meeting with him and mentioned me to him! So I'm finally going to meet him at 1pm on Monday. I swear, that was the highlight of my day. After 5 months of trying unsuccessfully to contact John Heaman, I managed to do it completely by chance because I blabbered to Owen about kimono last year and made friends with him. Heh.

I finally got home (after collecting a parcel that contained the wool kimono I posted before, and buying dinner) at about 5.30pm. I was about to dive into my food (I was starving! At least I had a sandwich at about 12pm, though..) when I remembered I had to send a few emails. I'm glad I remembered to do it as soon as I got home, otherwise I may have irritated my groupmates for the coursework!

On a really random and late side note, I went to Camden Town with Mel last Saturday! We met up at about 2pm and had a foodie fest (yeah, in Camden Town of all places!). We were looking for this potato thing that I'd had many many years ago but we couldn't find it. Instead, we had takoyaki, this chorizo and chicken in paprika sauce thing that was served over linguini (oh my GOD it was gorgeous!!!), cider, belgian waffles with dark chocolate sauce and fruits, and a platter of some Turkish meal of couscous, pitta, lamb and chicken kebabs, lamb chops and grilled chicken with this most beautiful garlicky hummus that was soooooo addictive.

After eating, we walked around looking for some stuff I wanted to buy. I bought this really pretty statue of a fairy with 4 baby dragons around her, two of them just hatching from their shells! It's sooooo cuuuuuuuuute. I also bought a sort-of Gothic Lolita coat which I think can be worn as a dress. It might be a bit too warm to wear in Malaysia, but maybe if we went to somewhere like Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands, it'd be alright. It's really cute! Even MeiZi thinks so! With Mel's help, I've put together an outfit to go with it, but I actually haven't gotten a nice skirt to match it. Still, I'll try it on sometime and post pics!

Blegh, I'm feeling weird. I think my eyesight's deteriorating by the second. I need new glasses. And I NEED TO EAT CHILLI CRABS. Ling, eat some for me?

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