Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Shopping Dilemma!

*sighs* I've been looking at this houmongi set on Yamatoku and this iromuji full set on Ichiroya lately. I really really want both of them, but the only problem is the houmongi is $130 and the iromuji set is $160 D:

I'd love to have them both, but it's either one or the other or neither at all. I want the houmongi because it's so pretty and my sort of colour (pink and cream) with really long sleeves, which is suitable for my age and very hard to find. It's perfect for my height and size and it comes with a matching juban!! I want it sooooo badly...

On the other hand, the iromuji set is absolutely lovely. The iromuji is green, a colour I don't have (not that I have anything even remotely similar to the houmongi!), and it comes with a juban, an obi, an obiage and an obijime. It's only $30 more expensive than the houmongi... But this set is a very "normal" set, easily replaced and put together again. Then again, the iromuji is much more versatile than the houmongi.. But that still doesn't help the fact that the houmongi is so much more difficult to find!

.. You know, at this rate, I'll probably keep going back and forth and back and forth without ever buying until they're both gone :(

Then again, with the current financial crisis, it really isn't a good idea to shop so much now, is it?

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