Friday, 31 October 2008

Crazy Ideas: More pictures from last Friday

Okay, later than I expected, but I ended up being quite busy with coursework this past week. Actually, I'm supposed to be doing coursework now, but I'm taking a short break hehehe.

Anyway, here are more pics from Friday's kimono dress-up! I wasn't doing proper kitsuke, so I really wore this just like a robe *horrified gasp* :P It was meant to be trailing style, yet it's too short for that and too long for no ohashori. Oh well.

This kimono is a random striped one which I think comes from the 1930s or earlier. This girl's maru obi is also about the same age, I believe.
Striped Silk + Maru Obi
A "Naomi" pose variation!
Then we started imitating old shin-hanga prints! Here I am "reading"...
Running fingers through my hair..
"Oh! A rat just ran past!" :P :P :P
Imitating a pose from my Showa Modan Kimono book (that's a book with alot of old kimono paintings and prints)
That previous pose made me think of swatting flies. I couldn't stop giggling when we were taking this pic!
Another pose from the Showa Modan Kimono book. Of course, I look uglier.

Hehe it was really fun taking all those photos! Hong and I were laughing and laughing our heads off! Hong was the photographer and "director" and kept going "move there! Over there! Look serene. Look wistful. WISTFUL dammit!" Hahahaha XD

Okay, I think that's enough pics for one post. There still are lots of pics from Saturday's MCM Expo and I'll post that when I have the time to ^_^ Bye!

Ling, ;____; must you post photos of such wonderfully delicious food? (No, that isn't a request to stop posting them pics!!! :P)


Petrina said...

Yes it's my duty to post yummylicious food pics on my blog to torment you as you munch on dreary sandwiches and salads and burgers and Indian takeout.


And Fat, it's about time you CLEANED YOUR ROOM!!!

Petrina said...

Oh and I forgot... Did you cut your fringe too short this time? Looks a wee bit too short. But then again, it grows so fast anyway.

And I have the same hairstyle now. Went to Florence for a haircut the other week and she gave me a fringe again! *gasp*

Priscilla said...

Yeah, I accidentally cut it too short :( Well, it's alright because it grows out to the perfect length in less than a week anyway! Hehehe.

Same hairstyle?? Omg do we look like twins again?? Btw I think I'm putting on weight... Does my face seem rounder to you?