Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I want this! Birthday present?

I want this set for my birthday: CLICKY CLICKY! I don't care if 20 people chip in to buy it (come on, it's only $160... but shipping would cost like $50 :P) I want it ;_; Unfortunately, I've been buying waaaaay too much lately and I feel guilty everytime I so much as think of eBay. Buuuuut my birthday is in 18 days, so if anyone wants to surprise me... (HINT)

:P Nahh, I'm kidding. It'll be hell to ship all the stuff I have already. When I get home, I'm never wearing yofuku (Western clothes) except for the really really pretty ones. Like my dresses *heart*.

Haha, I'm feeling waaaaaay to girly at the moment! Maybe it's a side effect of trying on new dresses? See, I bought a semi-Gothic Lolita white shirt and red skirt set over a month ago and it's FINALLY arrived. Good thing it fits nicely (just a little loose HAHAHA) and is well-made.

There's just something about the outfit that screams "librarian" or "nerdy lolita", so I pulled my hair back into as severe-but-messy a bun as I could, then wore really red lipstick (the shade just about matched the skirt), added glasses, heels (also red) and an old hardcover book to complete the look. I'm not satisfied with the shoes I have, so I didn't take pics, but I'll definitely need a second opinion! I may wear this to the MCM Expo in two weeks.

On a side note, I met up with my professor today and he agreed to be my supervisor!! *thrilled* We have another meeting set up for next week and I'm to bring a partially completed project proposal then. Ling, remember those books in the study room at home? The ones about the '97 SE Asian Economic Crisis? I took them. Those were damn good books. Thanks!

About over a week ago, the Immortal Geisha forums opened a new forum called the "IG Kitsuke Challenge". Basically, there are threads that have themes which you're supposed to follow and put together an outfit based on it. I participated in the Red-Black-White challenge yesterday. It's a challenge where you have to put together an ensemble that's predominantly red, black and white, and "redefine" the colours (hehe).

Of course, when I say I "participated", it really means I put together an outfit I've had in mind for quite a while (the finishing touches tweaked with help from Mel!) and wore it, then took pictures and posted them haha. Everything is done in everyone's own time, so it isn't really a competition :) I'll post pictures as soon as I can be bothered to! :D

Ling, do you have something similar on Ravelry? Like, I dunno, a thread where you and a bunch of friends compete to knit the cutest socks or the most outlandish-coloured bags. It would sound like fun, wouldn't it?


Petrina said...

Hi Fat!

Yes we have similar "competitions" on Ravelry but it's called Knit-alongs (KALs) or Crochet-alongs (CALs) where everyone knits the same project but in different choice of yarns. Then you get to see how the design turns out in a whole load of different yarns or modifications.

And we just had a Ravelympics during the Olympics season where groups of people joined forces to knit something. Im not sure how it worked since I didn't bother joining in but it looked fun!

I was thinking, maybe you should join Ravelry as well. There's a Japanese group where people sometimes come to ask for translations for patterns etc...

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