Friday, 4 April 2008

Coursework done!

Ahhh I just finished the last piece of coursework for this term and sent it off to my groupmates for checking. Well, not so much checking as it is making sure it looks alright! :P I'm so glad it's over!!!!

Patty's gone back to Concord; he went on Wednesday. I feel bad, cos for the first half of his hols, I practically ignored him for my coursework, and then when I finally had free time, I was sick so I couldn't really go out. By that time, he was already feeling rather lethargic and didn't want to go out, and I feel kinda guilty that a part of me is glad we stayed home, cos my throat really was killing me!

But now, my coursework is almost done and a number of my kitsuke stuff is here, so I can FINALLY get to practicing my kitsuke, especially for furisode!!

Do you all remember this furisode from this post?

I finally found and bought a matching fukuro obi for it! Okay, so the obi I bought doesn't seem to be as formal as it should be, but the colours and patterns are spot-on with this furisode and they look absolutely gorgeous together! Here's a picture:

I assure you, the shade of orange is darker than the picture, and matches the flowers perfectly. Even the shade of gold seems to match the gold edging in the furisode!
I wasn't quite sure what obiage to match it with, but at the moment, I quite like the look of my yellow shibori obiage (left in the picture below) because its sweetness balances the harsh brightness of the obi against the white background, and provides a sort of in-between. Also, the shade of yellow just happens to match the swirly pale gold karakusa in the kimono :P
I haven't thought of an obijime either, but I just received this set yesterday, and can't wait to try them on! I was thinking of the white one in the middle..... Think it'd look alright?

Hehehe, I think you can tell I'll be spending this weekend practicing kitsuke. But first, I want to do a major clean-up of my room and of the living room and kitchen... LoL :P

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