Monday, 14 April 2008


I just baked another batch of the sugar cookies. As in, I literally just took the last tray out of the oven 5 minutes ago. Don't ask why I'm baking at this hour of the night! I just felt like I really really needed to do something, and since it was so late, I didn't want to go out for a walk or a jog, and there really wasn't anything much else to do around the flat but cook something! (So maybe I could've played the piano, but are you crazy?? There are kids living next door who need to sleep, and I feel guilty enough everytime I start playing and realise it's past 9pm!)

Only thing was that I didn't want to cook anything savoury and keep it in the fridge cos I really don't like to eat leftovers (unless they're damn good stuff :P roast duck?). The only option left was to bake, and at first I wanted to bake a cake using that instant mix I bought so long ago. Then I read the instructions and realised I needed oil for the mix - but our kitchen doesn't have any oil!

Okay, fine, I have some in my private stores, but who the heck wants to use garlic flavoured olive oil in chocolate cake? And no way in hell am I wasting my oh-so-expensive truffle flavoured olive oil in an instant cake mix! x_x

I also thought of baking peanut butter cookies but I wanted to save the peanut butter I have to make a frosting for the chocolate cake. So the last option left was the sugar cookies, since I got too lazy to find another recipe to use.

I was really lucky - I actually didn't have any butter left to use to bake, but then I found someone else's butter in the fridge that I think has been sitting there for a long long time. It was gonna expire soon, so I just went ahead and used it. And it was a good stick of butter too! Smelled very buttery (more so than Lurpak, that's for sure) and gave the dough a nice smell and consistency.

This time, I had changed the ingredients' volume a little bit. I let a small amount of the butter melt to make the dough a little less dry, and used about 245g of butter instead of 225g. Instead of a full 1 1/2 cups of sugar, I added in slightly less. The egg was larger, but I used the same amount of flour, although I originally wanted to cut down the amount of flour. This was to balance out the increase in the amount of butter used. (<- omg that sounded like a sentence I would've written in a report)

The resulting dough was much softer than I remembered the first batch being. It was more malleable, and waaay easier to roll into smooth balls too. This time, it looked like there was less dough than before, so I made smaller balls and got 94 bite-sized cookies instead of 80-something large cookies.

All that's left is to wash that last tray and the rack I've been using to cool the cookies. In all actuality, the 'cooling rack' is just the rack from the roasting tin that's been inverted so the handles become the 'legs' and the rack is raised high enough that the cookies won't touch the table. *sighs* But I'm lazy to do it now, so maybe I'll wash it tomorrow instead.....

I think I must be more tired than I realised o_O I just babbled on and on in a whole entry about desserts and cookies! Okay, I think I better go sleep now.. That is, IF I don't get a serious sugar rush from eating some of those cookies!

'Night people! ;)

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